The Sincerest Thanks to You, Teachers of the World

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The Sincerest Thanks to You, Teachers of the World

Posted in Evolving Ed | May 07, 2014

Thank you, Teachers. Thank you for dedicating yourselves to the success of each coming generation. Thank you for being patient and present as students, like me, struggled to find our own way through life. You may not have seen the difference you made while we were in your class, but the simple fact that you cared changed everything.

The truth is: you will directly change thousands of lives over your career, and your lessons will continue to ripple through time. Angela Maiers explained this well in her recent post on Edutopia, "Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou, James Earl Jones and Magic Johnson are just a few of the many highly accomplished people who point to a single teacher that set them on a course toward greatness. I know there are countless other lesser-known stories of teachers who encountered a troubled student and moved them onto a path toward success."

So please keep going that extra mile; keep planting those seeds. Your students will be grateful one day, as I am now, when they finally understand the true implications of your work. Growing just takes time.

You are real live heroes, and all of us at Schoology hope you feel that way.


The Schoology Team

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