The Fresh New Experience of Schoology's Android Mobile App v2.0

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The Fresh New Experience of Schoology's Android Mobile App v2.0

Posted in Schoology | June 12, 2013

Welcome, Android Aficionados, to your new Schoology mobile experience! Streamlined and ready to make your mobile academics more fluid, more intuitive, and, dare I say, more empowering, the Schoology Android app v2.0 will improve each and every moment spent interacting with students and managing your courses.

So download v2.0 and experience the following firsthand:

New Android Tablet Interface

With a new layout designed to fully utilize the visual space provided by Android tablets, v2.0 provides a smoother, more effective user experience. It even supports independent scrolling on the Recent Activity feed so you can browse through all of the important Schoology happenings without losing sight of your brand new Upcoming feed.

Improved Menu

Now as you access your courses, groups, and other important areas the app, you'll notice that your menu options populate only on the left-hand side of your screen, instead of taking up the entire screen like versions past. Below are the tablet view (top) and the smartphone view (bottom).

Improved Phone Interface

In addition to the menu improvements, our Android mobile app (when viewed on a smartphone) has a new dropdown selector menu in courses, groups, and anywhere else that has multiple pages. You can still swipe right and left to navigate between these pages, but the selector and header now provide a bit more context of where you are in the app, what you can do, and where you can go.

Better Browsing in Course and Group Profiles

As you navigate through your courses and groups, you'll notice some new, effective ways to navigate between your Materials, Updates, Upcoming, and Gradebook pages. On a tablet (top) the menu will appear on the left and look similar to that on the website. If you're using a smartphone (bottom), the menu is represented as a dropdown selector at the top left corner of your screen.

Fresh New Icons

Our Android mobile app v2.0 comes complete with new icons built for high resolution displays for a functionality and aesthetics.

* * *

And that just about covers it. So grab your phones and tablets, download our free Android mobile app v2.0, and try it out. We're positive that you are going to love it!

Let us know what you think right here on the blog, and don't hesitate to contact our Support Team with any questions you may have via our Help Center.

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