The Art of Teaching Math Through Baseball

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The Art of Teaching Math Through Baseball

Posted in Community | November 05, 2015

Jesse McNulty has used Schoology to open his students to opportunities that would never be possible in a traditional classroom. With blending learning and remote internships, Jesse, a Math Teacher at William Penn High School in New Castle, DE, exclaimed, “Schoology has opened the doors to what is truly possible!”

Exploring the Depths of Blended Learning

Jesse took his Math I curriculum digital using Schoology folders, discussions, and assignments. Blended learning provides “students a choice in how they show their understanding,” said Jesse.

Then, a golden opportunity arose for blending the real world with the digital and getting students excited about mathematics. William Penn High School started a sports analytics club last fall and Jesse capitalized on it.

“We have a class dedicated to teaching data analysis and sports business through a variety of means,” Jesse explained, “and we use Schoology to organize and deliver content.”

Students Taking Learning to the Next Level

This last summer, a group of Jesse’s students took part in a connected learning opportunity with a college baseball team located in Martha's Vineyard, MA. The students interned with the team remotely from Delaware, tracking player analysis for each game throughout the season.

“We organized all game data templates, tracking materials, video conferences, etc. between the students and the baseball operations director and team manager,” explained Jesse.

He continued, “Our students’ roles were to analyze various defensive and offensive team metrics and report back to the team staff each morning. Our students ran the full team and player analysis. I simply assisted in the setup and ensured that the data was being completed by our students.”

Jesse credits two of his students, Umar Khan and Tyler Schanzenbach, with organizing the project and making it a true success. He also noted, with a nod to his students’ hard work, that the team won its regular season title.

This fall, his students plan to tackle a series of similar projects on health analytics in basketball and player contribution in lacrosse.

These are exciting opportunities made possible by Schoology that “truly illustrate what transformations are possible.”

Jesse McNulty
Math Teacher
William Penn High School
Educator of the Year Finalist

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