The Art of Scaffolding and Taking Blended Learning Districtwide

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The Art of Scaffolding and Taking Blended Learning Districtwide

Posted in Community | September 24, 2015

Anne Dumontier's enthusiasm for digital learning management is spreading. Anne is a French Teacher at Gunn High School in Palo Alto, CA where she spearheaded the use of Schoology three years ago.

My students loved it and I continued, says Anne. She began conducting Schoology workshops for other teachers in her department, showing them features like rubrics and the gradebook. It wasn't long before her workshops gained momentum and expanded to the entire Palo Alto Unified School district.

Using Rubrics for Grading and Feedback

I believe I was the first teacher in my school to start giving all my quizzes and tests in Schoology,” says Anne, adding that using the platform's rubrics has totally changed the way I grade student work and give feedback to my students.

The positive response from her students prompted her to continue. I find it very convenient to grade online, wherever I am, with my laptop, or even my iPad, explains Anne.

Building on Past Successes to Go Paperless

This year, Anne is using the gradebook for all her grading, resulting in a paperless classroom. –Every assignment is on Schoology, whether it is a writing in a document, a presentation, an audio recording (mp3), or a video uploaded by the students, explains Anne. I also use the quiz feature to create comprehension questions for materials (text, video, audio) that students have to view or listen to.

The gradebook also helps students make up late work. Previously, when students missed assignments due to absence or illness, it was difficult to track. Now Anne updates grades every day, and students can view the gradebook anytime to see what they need to make up or retake. They can be in much better control of their learning and progress in my class,” says Anne.

Spreading Best Practices Districtwide

Anne's enthusiasm has led her to share her practices with her colleagues by offering workshops in her department, her school, and the entire district. In her workshops, she demonstrates how her curriculum is run on Schoology, showing samples of her students' work. Assignments, calendar, media pages, and tests are just a few of the topics she covers.

Several of my colleagues started using Schoology after I showed them what I do with my students,” explains Anne. I call the rubrics feature the "killer app of Schoology" and always get an ah-ha moment when teachers see how effortlessly and accurately I can grade my students' work.

Anne Dumontier
French Teacher 
Gunn High School 
Educator of the Year Finalist

Written by Giselle Magat

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