The Art of Reaching 100% Student Engagement

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The Art of Reaching 100% Student Engagement

Posted in Community | October 15, 2015

Imagine taking a class from a 30% assignment completion rate to a 100% rate. That kind of increase in just about any category is something to admire, but surmounting the very difficult task of getting uninterested students engaged in class was Beth Box’s challenge—and she passed with flying colors.

As the 7th Grade Civics Teacher at Yearling Middle School in Okeechobee, Florida, Box first saw Schoology in 2013. Scott Nichols, a high school AP educator in Box’s district, introduced the learning management system to her, and she decided to take it out for a test drive.

Box slowly started putting some of her next year’s curriculum and content on the system and, “what I saw amazed me,” Box says.

Taking the Plunge

“Before Schoology I would usually get about 30% of my kids to finish their work,” Box says.“Pitiful. Nothing I tried kept my students engaged.”

Shortly after introducing Schoology, Box was able to interact with each student on a much more personal level, making the educational experience much more engaging. Within a year, assignment turn in rates have jumped up to 80%.

But after that first year, Box decided to take the plunge and fully immerse her students in Schoology’s platform. And her first step: create an online, gamified, mastery model classroom.

Box took an entire year’s worth of curriculum and turned it into a series of quests and missions, complete with leaderboards, item shops, and Easter eggs. And to keep things interesting, each student started the school year on a different quest but could still collaborate with each other on various quests.

Turning Learning into an Adventure

Instead of forcing students to turn in their assignments, Box’s gamified curriculum made her students want to complete tasks and beat the challenges. And the results speak for themselves.

“It is amazing,” Box says. “I am so pleased to say that as of right now I have a 100% turn in rate; every assignment given is completed.”

On top of that, 100% of her students have logged into Schoology outside of regular school hours to complete work, and 100% of her students are passing the class. Furthermore, her students have viewed the course online 124,287 times and posted 3,185 discussion responses.

Spreading Her Enthusiasm

Because of her astounding results, Box teamed up with her colleagues Scott and Eileen Nichols to champion districtwide adoption of the Schoology platform.

She has even led her district’s professional development because, well, you can’t ignore that 30% to 100% jump.

“We convinced many teachers at my school and in our elementary schools to begin using Schoology with their kids,” Box says. “I just can’t shut up about how amazing Schoology is!”

To facilitate this super effective gamification of her curriculum, Box has also become more organized, responsive, and creative than ever before. She’s an educational pioneer stepping into the unknown, and there’s no turning back. 

Beth Box
7th Grade Civics Teacher
Yearling Middle School
Educator of the Year Finalist

Written by Matt Essert

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