The Art of Learning 24/7 and Not Burning Out

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The Art of Learning 24/7 and Not Burning Out

Posted in Community | December 03, 2015

Students, teachers, administrators, and support staff at Robbinsdale Area Schools in New Hope, MN, are all using Schoology with the skilled guidance of Jacob Givand and a team of technology integration specialists. As the Online Learning Coordinator, Jacob manages the digital hub of teaching, learning, and professional development.

“With 12,000 students and over 1,200 staff, this is a big job—one that requires the collaboration of teachers, media specialists, and technology staff.” says Jacob.

Starting Small and Expanding on Success

Over two years ago, the media and technology department led the adoption of Schoology as the district’s enterprise LMS, starting small with just a few blended courses.

“Schoology is an important part of our district's technology plan,” explains Jacob. “It enables us to provide 24/7 access to learning and information for parents, students, and staff.”

This isn’t just for students either. Jacob and team put all the professional development resources on the platform as well. They even provided district staff with face-to-face options for those who preferred that format.

This simple act of making resources available online is a great step—one that has immediate value for students, faculty, and staff. The ripple effect this creates can shift the educational entire culture of an institution.

According to Jacob, this approach “received rave reviews from teachers!”

Scaling Their Digital Strategy

Robbinsdale Area Schools now has 1:1 Chromebooks for students in grades 5-12. “Rather than focus on the devices, we are focused on rapid cycle feedback, student voice, and student self-assessment,” explains Jacob. “These are at the core of our personalized learning initiative.”

“For so long, teachers have been asked to personalize instruction for each student. Aside from a few pockets of success, this isn’t realistic without technology. Schoology makes all of this possible at scale without burning out teachers”

Jacob Givand
Online Learning Coordinator
Robbinsdale Area Schools
Educator of the Year Finalist

Written by Giselle Magat

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