The Art of Flipping Instruction to Encourage Deeper Learning

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The Art of Flipping Instruction to Encourage Deeper Learning

Posted in Community | October 29, 2015

When mathematics teacher Megan Moran first heard about Schoology she was already looking for a change, both for herself and her students at Schaumburg High School.

“I met up with my high school best friend, a secondary mathematics teacher in the Twin Cities,” Megan explained. “Our classrooms and students were faced with the same issues—not enough time for students to make deeper connections and find stronger understandings of our curriculum.”

Flipping Instruction to Encourage Deeper Learning

Their mutual problems prompted Megan and her friend to make videos of their lessons and post them to YouTube. Students could watch them and make notes in advance, allowing valuable time during class to strengthen skills and make the connections that they were unable to make on their own.

This was a great first step, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2012 that Megan discovered the tool she needed to really reshape her classroom.

“I took a class taught by a district technology coordinator and was introduced to Schoology,” Megan recalls. “That fall I had my entire first semester of materials organized in folders. I addressed concerns of the parents about the use of YouTube by embedding the videos rather than linking them, and I created discussion boards for students to comment on the videos in a safe and controlled place.”

Breaking Down the Classroom Walls

Megan created quizzes as “entry ticket” formative assessment so she could evaluate the impact of the video lessons and determine the best place to start the next day. She found that her students were more engaged in their learning.

Each night multiple students were involved in discussions about the lesson, sometimes as late as 10:30pm. In class, they supported each other’s learning as if the playing field were more level and the class more of a team. Megan even had to set “office hours” so her students would leave her alone at night.

Growing in Kind

One year after first using Schoology, Megan took her class on another adventure and helped to pilot her district’s 1:1 iPad initiative. “With the improvements Schoology was making every month, the App was supporting my previous changes completely,” she explains. “Students were watching my videos and talking math outside my classroom more than ever.”

Schoology allowed Megan to communicate with her students safely and support their learning in ways she never thought possible. “But that’s what this is all about, right?” Megan says. “Transforming what is possible!”

Megan Moran
High School Mathematics Teacher
Schaumburg High School
Educator of the Year Finalist

Written by Philip Charles Stephens, an English author and ghostwriter based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Learn more at

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