SnapCasting: Create Bite-Sized Instructional Videos

SnapCasting: Create Bite-Sized Instructional Videos
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SnapCasting: Create Bite-Sized Instructional Videos

Posted in Evolving Ed | December 15, 2017

What do you get when you mix short, sweet, and smart? If your first thought was the Powerpuff Girls, then you and I should hang out. But in this instance, I'm talking about something different.

Instructional Technologist Will Illingworth had a cool idea that can help you engage your students and keep conversations rolling asynchronously 24/7. He calls it SnapCasting—a combination of short, punchy videos and podcast-level insights.

True to form, Will leads by example and created a SnapCast about SnapCasting in a BrainBite (Community Edition), which is more meta than a Meatsgiving turducken ... and way more insightful.

SnapCasting: Create Bite-Sized Instructional Videos

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My name is William Illingworth and I'm an instructional technologist at Lancaster Bible College. Today, I want to share with you this idea I like to call "Snapcasting." We know the tool in Schoology called "The Updates." The Updates is a great place to work with your students in communication. You announce things to them, you give them changes to the reader's list, there's a number of ways that we use Updates just to facilitate community and interaction with our students.

This Snapcasting idea is actually bringing together two major trends of technology that I like to look at. You consider things like Snapchat. They're presenting small bits, minute at the most content areas to each other whether it's pictures, documenting their life, whatever. Then we have podcasting, right? Podcasting is this idea that in fifteen, twenty, maybe thirty minutes, I'm going to present to you something on a subject area. Well, let's bridge those two ideas and we've got this idea called Snapcasting. Using the Updates page, use the recording tool to make audio/video recordings of yourself throughout the week, throughout your semester, throughout your school year to present small bits of information to your students.

So a minute or two minutes at a time, record some lecture content, and put it up on your Updates. Let your students reflect on that and maybe ask them a question about it next time you see them in class.


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