Small Changes with Huge Impacts: The New Android App v2.7

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Small Changes with Huge Impacts: The New Android App v2.7

Posted in Schoology | September 10, 2014

The simple addition of wheels on luggage in 1970 completely changed how the world travels.

Small improvements have big impacts. That's true across the board. Healthy living, for example, doesn't require getting a personal trainer. That is a big choice. Many of the same results can be achieved with a series of small choices: vegetables over chips, stairs over the elevator, crossword puzzles over video games, etc. 

The same goes for app development. We are constantly working to improve Schoology's mobile apps, and even though we love to release new features, we know that the small tweaks to the existing ones are just as important, if not more. Case in point: the Schoology Android app v2.7.

The new version of our Android app is faster, smoother, and more stable than ever before. It also has some nice improvements to existing features to make doing what you do every day more enjoyable.

New and Improved Media Album Interface

Media albums are excellent tools for making lessons more visually stimulating, especially on a mobile device. They are perfect for the fine arts, foreign language, ESL programs, the younger grades, and, of course, visual learners of all ages, hence why we have put so much emphasis on improving them.

Media albums are now smoother and more comprehensive than ever on your Android device. In this iteration, we've focused on the overall user experience so the content you upload looks better, feels better, and provides more information via image captions.

Swipe right and left to change images. You can also view the captions at the bottom. These can be expanded by clicking "See More" and are a great way to supplement learning.

Folder Descriptions

Now when you and your students view a course's Materials page, you'll notice that the descriptions you added to folders on the web platform show up on your mobile device! These descriptions give you just another opportunity to provide your students with helpful information, especially if your folder titles read something like, "Unit 1."

If you take a step back, adding support for folder descriptions (not to mention all of our mobile improvements) aligns our mobile app more closely with our web platform. The more we do this, the simpler and more cohesive the learning experience will be.

Improved Support for World Languages in Pages

Most mobile users around the world use Android devices. That's why we have improved support for written characters in all languages. So whether you are writing in Mandarin, Hindi, Portuguese, or any other language, you can rest assured that your students can view it on their mobile devices.

Version 2.7 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • A fix for not being able to attach Google Drive resources to assignment submissions
  • A fix for not being able to view rich text formatting in pages
  • Improved stability and speed across the app


Download Schoology v2.7

Get the newest version of our free Android app today and let us know what you think. Feel free to comment below or on Twitter (@Schoology). And if you have questions or ideas on how we could improve our app, please post those in our Support Center.

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