Showcase Your Work in Schoology's Portfolios

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Showcase Your Work in Schoology's Portfolios

Posted in Schoology | May 21, 2015

We never stop learning. From the moment we wake up to the moment we drift off to sleep (and even while we sleep!) we're absorbing information, organizing it, and applying it to our lives.

In fact, the average American consumes roughly 34 gigabytes of information every day just from content—news, YouTube, etc. (Global Information Industry Center, 2009). But what do we do with all this information?

The smart thing would be to use it to fuel and enhance our own work. Taking it one step further, we ought to compile that work into one place in order to show it off and make sure we get the most out of everything we do.

Showcase Your Work in Portfolios Enterprise Only

As of today, you and your students have a wonderful new feature that is perfect for sharing what you've learned and how you've grown over time. Introducing Schoology's Portfolios:

Located in your personal profile, Portfolios make it easy to showcase your personality, your interests, and your talents.

And as you already know, building a solid portfolio is a necessary skill for many career paths. Mine was essential to get where I am, and it would have been much stronger if I had learned how to build one while still in school.

Getting Started

To start building a portfolio in Schoology, they must first be enabled by System Administrators under their User Permissions settings. By default, portfolios are not enabled.

Once you have permission, just click your name in the top right corner, select Portfolios, and click that New Portfolio button in the middle. 

From there, you can easily change the cover image, add a name and description, and start filling it with your favorite contents. This iteration of our portfolios feature supports:

  • Schoology assignment submission
  • files from your computer (images, videos, and audio)
  • links
  • rich-text pages

When you choose to add a page, the rich-text editor opens up inline enabling you to create directly from within your portfolio.

Want to add files? Just drag and drop them in!

Notice that all the editing in portfolios happens inline. That means if you want to edit something, click on it and start editing. No gear icons required.

Reordering Your Portfolios

When you are organizing your work, just drag it to where you want it to be. You can reorganize all your portfolio contents and all your portfolios this way.

Publishing Your Work

When you are ready to share your portfolios with your peers, you'll need to publish it first by simply clicking the little circle to the right. Once it turns green, your portfolio is live.

Keep in mind that anyone in your institution who can view your profile can view your portfolio, so make sure to check your privacy settings at individual and system levels.

Sharing Links to Portfolios

You also have the option of creating a sharable private link (if the permission is turned on). This enables you to show off a particular portfolio with anyone, regardless of your privacy settings. They don't even have to have a Schoology account!

Pro Tip: You can alway reset the link to a portfolio to prevent anyone with the previous link from accessing your work.

Make sure the permission settings for Portfolios are enabled, and don't forget to learn all the ins and outs of portfolios from our Help Center.

Schoology Support Chat—Enterprise Only

We have also rolled out a new chat service for direct and immediate access to our Support Team. To learn more about this service, please contact your Enterprise Account Manager for more information.

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As always, we're excited to hear what you think about these new features so please let us know below, via Twitter (@Schoology), or just yell it from a mountain top. Okay, not that last one.


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