Share Your Excitement for #SchoologyNEXT With These 12 Tweets

We hope to see you at Schoology NEXT this July!
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Share Your Excitement for #SchoologyNEXT With These 12 Tweets

Posted in Schoology | May 01, 2019

We don’t know about you, but we’re super excited for #SchoologyNEXT 2019! It could be the beautiful resort and sunshine, the amazing sessions and keynotes, the opportunity to network with educators, the list goes on …

Before we go any further, make sure you’re following @Schoology on Twitter and using the hashtag #SchoologyNEXT. Followed? Okay, now let’s get down to business!

We want to help you share your excitement for NEXT with your peers on Twitter. You may even make some new connections that you can meet up with at the event. So, we created these 12 tweets for you to easily share with your network, with just one click! Here's some more inspiration.

Tweet away below!

  1. @Schoology I’m so excited to be attending #SchoologyNEXT this year, will you be there? (Tweet this)
  2. @Schoology I’m most excited for the sessions about professional learning! #SchoologyNEXT (Tweet this)
  3. @Schoology Have you seen the #SchoologyNEXT agenda? Check out all of the awesome sessions! (Tweet this)
  4. @Schoology I’m most excited for the sessions about Assessments at #SchoologyNEXT (Tweet this)
  5. @Schoology Breakouts and workshops, keynotes, networking. I can’t wait for #SchoologyNEXT! (Tweet this)
  6. @Schoology I can’t wait to spend an extra day with Schoology experts at pre-conference! #SchoologyNEXT (Tweet this)
  7. @Schoology I’m most excited for the sessions about standards-based grading and mastery! #SchoologyNEXT (Tweet this)
  8. @Schoology This will be my first year attending #SchoologyNEXT, who else is a first time attendee? (Tweet this)
  9. @Schoology I’m really looking forward to catching up with my PLN at #SchoologyNEXT! (Tweet this)
  10. @Schoology I’m most excited for the sessions about student-centered learning! #SchoologyNEXT (Tweet this)
  11. @Schoology Ready to #AdvanceWhatsPossible at #SchoologyNEXT this year! (Tweet this)
  12. @Schoology Hey PLN! Reply and let me know if you're going to be at #SchoologyNEXT so we can connect! (Tweet this)

We can’t wait to see your NEXT inspired social media posts! Don’t forget to join our Schoology Champions Program where we will be hosting a series of fun and interactive activities leading up to the event and during NEXT.

If you haven’t purchased your tickets to join un in Boca Raton yet, here are some important pages to bookmark:

Check out what a blast it was last year!

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