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20 of the Best Articles, eBooks, and Webinars from 2017

If we don't learn from the past, we're doomed to repeat it. So here are 20 great articles, ebooks, and webinars for you to learn from.

Dylan Rodgers
Pro Tips

Key Strategies for Getting Started with Blended Learning

Blended learning— a combination of traditional classroom instruction and online material—is a hot topic in education.

Alexis Roesser
Pro Tips

6 Principles of Choice-Based Learning Students Crave

Choice-based learning is a process in which learners have a greater sense of control over the way their interests, backgrounds, and preferences work together to enhance their learning and determine

Lauren Davis

5 EdTech Haikus to Bring Balance to the End of Your Year

Writing and reading poetry, particularly haikus, can be a cathartic experience.

Dylan Rodgers
Pro Tips

5 Simple Tips for Creating Engaging Instructional Videos

If you've ever Googled a how-to question, you already know the power video has with teaching you something more effectively than a block of text. Videos aren't just booming in popularity--they're also a primary format for learning.

Elizabeth Trach
Evolving Ed

SnapCasting: Create Bite-Sized Instructional Videos

In this short video, Instructional Technologist William Illingworth discusses a simple way to use Schoology Updates to create short instructional videos that create ongoing learning opprotunities.

Dylan Rodgers

7 Striking Insights About Learning Management Systems (LMSs)

Take a look at these seven striking LMS insights from our 2017 Global State of Digital Learning Survey.

Mike Roberts
Pro Tips

How to Get Parents Bought in to Using Your LMS

Getting parental buy-in for your LMS and educational strategy can be a powerful boon to student achievement. Learn how to get the buy-in you need here.

Malcolm McKinsey
Pro Tips

Personal Learning Network (PLN) Benefits, Tools, and Tactics

What is a personal learning network (PLN) and how are they beneficial? Learn all about PLNs and the tools and tactics you can use to make them successful.

Elizabeth Trach
Evolving Ed

The Benefits of Partnering K-12 and Higher Education Institutions for Blended Learning

A common goal among the K-12 and a higher education institutions in Delaware is to train and provide professional development so that educators can transform their classroom into student-oriented, collaborative learning spaces.

Tom Gavin