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Evolving Ed

Video | What are Third Places and How Can You Cultivate Them?

We put Bradley Kemp, Sr. Instructional Designer at Schoology, and William Illingworth, Instructional Technologist and Systems Administrator at Lancaster Bible College, in a tiny room to talk about modern Third Places and how to cultivate them.

Bradley Kemp
Evolving Ed

How an LMS Helps You Boost Social, Academic, and Intellectual Engagement

Explore how technology, particularly an LMS that you and your students enjoy using, can help you boost the social, academic, and intellectual engagement and, in turn, student achievement discussed in a study Willms, Friesen, and Milton.

David Mikesell
Evolving Ed

It’s Time Blended Learning Was More Interactive (And What BrainPOP and Schoology are Doing About It)

Consider this a challenge—it's time to step beyond the PDF. Digitizing worksheets and textbooks into PDFs and calling it blended learning is completely missing the point. So we're expanding our partnership with BrainPOP to help you change change all that.

Dylan Rodgers
Evolving Ed

Educational Leadership in a Transformational Age | Dr. Will Interviews Eric Sheninger

In this episode of the Dr. Will Show, Instructional Technologist Dr. Will Deyamport and Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow and Thought Leader on Digital Leadership with the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE).

Dylan Rodgers
Evolving Ed

The Importance of "Why": Inspiring Action With Great Leadership

Change is hard. Anyone with a New Year's resolution in hand will tell you so. Institutional change is even more daunting, a challenge akin to turning an aircraft carrier on a dime. If you're wondering how to rally your faculty around your new plan for your institution, consider Simon Sinek's Golden Circle.

Elizabeth Trach
Evolving Ed

Blended Learning in Action | Dr. Will Interviews Educator and Author Tiffany Wycoff [Video]

In this episode of the Dr. Will Show, Dr. Will interviews the K-8 Head of School at The Mandell School and co-author of Blended Learning in Action: A Practical Guide Toward Sustainable Change.

Dylan Rodgers
Evolving Ed

We Need More Stinkin' Badges

What encourages students to do well in school? Often, it comes down to grades. Many students will work harder in order to earn a higher grade. Colleges want to see good grades. Parents want to see good grades. Grades are good, right?

Keith Sorensen
Evolving Ed

Taking Blended Learning Beyond the PDF

Have you ever wondered why certain teaching strategies work and others don't? Educators need to understand how to make good instructional choices for the benefit of their students, and understanding how to blend learning is one way to achieve this goal.

Cirrelia Thaxton
Evolving Ed

Peace, Love, and Understanding: Why Digital Discussions are Critical to Personal Development

Nearly three decades have passed, I fondly remember hanging out as an undergrad in Kryzsko Commons at Winona State University. The arcade games and snack bar gobbled up quarters intended for the laundromat.

Robert Schuetz
Evolving Ed

Be Marco Polo: A Call for Explorers of Education Technology

Fear of the unknown is a powerful force in education. There are many teachers across America who view social media, mobile phones, and other modern technologies the same way 13th century Venetians viewed The Orient.

George Haines