Schoology's Android Mobile App v2.2: Using Resources and Taking Attendance

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Schoology's Android Mobile App v2.2: Using Resources and Taking Attendance

Posted in Schoology | September 03, 2013


If you recall, Android users, we had recently launched our Android Mobile App v2.1 including the ability to access your resources. Now we're pushing resource access to the next level.

Introducing our Android App v2.2! In this edition, you can use your Android device (and soon your Kindle Fire) to attach resources to course materials, while your students can submit their resources in the assignment dropbox. We've also provided you a way to take attendance in (or out of) class.

But before we get into the specifics, I'll take a moment to pause and let you download v2.2 for your Android or Kindle Fire device.  It makes following along quite a bit easier. ;)

Ready? Here we go!

Attaching Your Resources

When creating course materials on your mobile device, you'll see a new attachment option entitled, Resource. That means updates, assignments, discussions, and events can all include resources of your choice.

Touching this new attachment option sends you to—you guessed it—your resources. From here you can select multiple items from any number of your Personal and Group collections. As you make selections, they can be viewed via the Selected tab at the top. Using this tab, you can quickly see how many resources you've chosen and remove them if you wish.

Touch that little check at the top and your resources are attached and ready to make your materials more dynamic!

Using Resources for Dropbox Submissions

In v2.2, students have the ability to use their resources as dropbox submissions. To do so, students can simply navigate to the assignment dropbox, select the (+) at the top, choose Upload Submission, and then touch the Resource option. After that, they just have to pic a file or link and submit it.

Taking Attendance

Have you ever wished that you could take attendance right from your mobile device? Well now you can! Just navigate to a course and select the Attendance option.

If you are using a tablet, you'll see Attendance in the left menu. If you are on a smartphone, use the quick access dropdown menu at the top left of your screen.

Once you're there, taking attendance on your Android device is just like on the web platform. You can mark your students Present, Absent, Late, or Excused. You also have the option to leave them a personal comment using the comment bubble that appears next to your attendance marks.

Aside from all that awesomeness above, our new Android app v2.2 includes a smoother experience due to numerous performance improvements and bug fixes. But as the saying goes, "The proof is in the pudding," so feel free to download our free mobile app and try it out for yourself.

You can start today by clicking which version you want to download below:




* * *

Well that about covers the feature updates for today. Stay tuned, because we always have more on the way. If you have any questions, please reach out to our dedicated Support Team via the community forum. And don't hesitate to tell us what you think about v2.2 right here on the blog. We're always excited to hear your feedback.

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