Schoology iOS Mobile App v2.7: The New Look and Feel of Mobile Learning

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Schoology iOS Mobile App v2.7: The New Look and Feel of Mobile Learning

Posted in Schoology | September 25, 2013

Apple just released their newest mobile operating system—iOS 7—complete with a refreshing look and feel, but they are not the only one who has been redesigning their user interface. Introducing our latest mobile update: The Schoology iOS App v2.7! 

Though many of the changes are subtle, they combine into a brand-new look and feel that enhances your experience in big ways. But before we start, you may want to download this version now—compatible with both iOS 6 and iOS 7—because once we get to the new swipe feature, you'll have way more fun using it rather than listening to me ramble on about it. 

The Optimized Layout

Simplicity can be powerful, especially in terms of user interface. Understanding this, we have completely simplified the look and feel of our iOS mobile app. Take a moment and let your fingers stroll across the subtle design modifications including the textureless menus, the simplified buttons, the less obtrusive messages, and the flatter color tones all resulting in a more vibrant visual experience and increased legibility.

You can see examples of the buttons and messages below: 

Selecting Multiple Images as Attachments

You now have the ability to select multiple images to attach to course materials at once. So when you're creating a new post, assignment, event, or discussion, click Attach, Choose from Library, and select away!

Swipe to Access the Main Menu

If you want to access the menu, don't bother selecting the menu button. Just swipe your finger across the screen and see what happens. I mentioned before that this feature is really quite fun (by my standards). Don't get me wrong; it's streamlined, efficient, and will make for a better all-around experience, but I have to admit, I can't stop swiping whether I need to access the menu or not.

Bug Fixes

Last on the list of improvements are some important bug fixes. One in particular is the ability to see all assignment revisions submitted by a student. Before, you may have only been able to see their most current assignment submission, but now you will be able to see each revision as well.

Other bug fixes include:

  • Fix for crashes when saving grades or replying to messages
  • Fix for certain audio and video files not downloading or playing correctly
  • Fix for un-enrolled students appearing in the Gradebook

* * *

All that's left now is for you to try it out and, if you feel inclined, let us know what you think about it right here on the blog or on the wide world of Twitter (@Schoology). We think you're really going to like the way v2.7 feels. Enjoy!

Download Schoology iOS v2.7

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