Schoology iOS Mobile App v2.5: Resource Access, Menu Notifications, and More

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Schoology iOS Mobile App v2.5: Resource Access, Menu Notifications, and More

Posted in Schoology | May 17, 2013

Here's one for all you Apple users out there: The Schoology iOS Mobile App v2.5 is now available for download, and something tells me that you're really gonna like it. Aside from the fact that it's a faster version of its former self, this update has three pretty huge additions.

Resource Access

Our iOS mobile app now provides you and your students with access to your personal, group, and school resources! Yeah, that's right: all your files, links, pages, and videos can be accessed from within the app. They can even be attached to updates and comments or submitted in the dropbox. This new feature expands the overall functionality quite a bit.

Here's how it works:

You can rifle through your resources from the main menu. From there, you can view them and download onto your device.

Now if you really want to make use of your resources, you need to create a post, assignment, discussion, or event. Notice the new Attach button at the top of the content creation form. Click that, select the Attach Resource option, choose a resource, and that's that. Simple right?

Menu Notifications

The main menu has been slightly redesigned to not only make viewing your messages and requests a better experience (notice them at the top of the menu), but to also make room for Menu Notifications! You can now easily view all the important events that have happened while you weren't looking. This way you can always stay up to date.

Universal Content Compatibility

Any content shared on the Schoology platform—including text, audio, and video files—can now be downloaded on the Schoology iOS app. Much of it is viewable within the app, but for the content that is native to a specific app, Schoology will prompt you to use the "Open In" function in the top right corner to select an app that's compatible with the content.

That concludes the main updates to our iOS mobile app. Now it's up to you to go download it and start reaping the benefits of its newest capabilities. Oh, and don't forget that we're always excited to hear what you think, so if you feel inclined, please share your thoughts here on the blog.

Also if you have any questions or concerns about this feature update, please direct them to our community forum.

You can download the free Schoology iOS app v2.5 here.

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