Rubrics on Short Answer Test Questions and Two Other Great New Features

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Rubrics on Short Answer Test Questions and Two Other Great New Features

Posted in Schoology | August 20, 2015

The whole point of technology, from flint-knapped arrowheads to mechanized car assembly lines, has been to help us accomplish a goal more efficiently. The only problem is technology moves and improves too quickly for many of us to keep up.

Thankfully, our tools live in the cloud, so you always get the latest and greatest features we have to offer without you ever lifting a finger.

Today is no different. Below are three new feature updates that will help you accomplish your educational goals more efficiently.

Rubrics for Short Answer Test/Quiz Questions

Have you ever wanted to grade your students' short answer test questions on Schoology using a rubric? Probably so. This happens to be one of the most highly requested features from our community.

And guess what—it's now a reality!

When creating or editing short answer/essay questions, you'll now see an option to attach an existing rubric or create a new one on the fly. This will make it easier for you to measure student answers against multiple learning objectives.

The rubrics also stay connected to short answer questions, whether they're saved to resources, placed in a question bank, or copied to other courses.

Improved Audio and Video Recording | Enterprise Only

If you've been using our audio/video recording tool lately, you may have noticed it looks and feels different. That's because it is, and it's awesome.

For many of you, audio/video recording is critical to your pedagogy. It's also an excellent way to make online learning more personal and engaging. However you decide to use it, you can bet that your entire experience, from recording to viewing, will be excellent.

Our in-platform video recording is now smoother than ever. It's better at handling large videos and more stable than our previous version.

And our audio recording feature now shows you a visualization of the sound. This will be an excellent tool for anyone teaching music or the physics of sound.

Export Student Mastery Reporting | Enterprise Only

You now have the options to export a summary or a detailed report of student mastery data as a CSV file. This will give you the ability to sort through tons of mastery data across multiple courses more effectively, whether you use Excel or a third-party data visualization tool.

It's your data. You should be able to do what you want with it.

* * *

Now it's over to you. Go try these new features out and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear how you plan to use them and how we can make them better for you, so feel free to comment below or reach out across the Twitterverse (@Schoology).

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