Revolutionize the Way You Use Google Drive, Dropbox, Khan Academy, Evernote, and More with Resource Apps

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Revolutionize the Way You Use Google Drive, Dropbox, Khan Academy, Evernote, and More with Resource Apps

Posted in Schoology | October 15, 2013

It's always better when things work together. Knowing this, we're really excited to share our latest integration with you—one that will change the way you use third-party content.

Resource Apps

Resource Apps are a new way for you to integrate third-party content directly into your Schoology Resources. This means that all of your personal, shared, public, and external resources are consolidated in one place. In fact, your third-party content will act the same way as your personal content in that you can quickly move it to your courses or attach it to assignments, assessments, updates, and the like.

Even better is that this integration is a two-way street; you can edit your Google files, for example, from Google or from Schoology.

Currently, you have access to Google Drive, Khan Academy, Dropbox, and Evernote. We also have a SkyDrive Pro (Office 365) app coming soon.

Those of you using our existing Google Docs feature are encouraged to install our new Google Drive app, because we will be phasing out the old Google Docs feature at the end of this year.

Getting Started Using Resource Apps

You can install Resource Apps from two different places: the App Center and the Resource Center. In the App Center, they will look the same as other apps, except once you install them, they will be accessible only from your Apps tab in your resources.

We've also put in a shortcut so you can install resource apps from the your resources. This shortcut will be accessible only when there are Resource Apps available that you have not yet installed. 

After they're installed, you're ready to use integrated content like never before! You can access, edit, and copy content from the apps, attach it to course materials, and even share it with your peers all from the Resource Center. 

Pretty cool, right? Adding Resource Apps to Schoology's repertoire of integration features makes our platform an even more effective control center for education by putting more at your fingertips.

Using Google Apps for Education (Enterprise Only)

Our new Google Drive app can be installed on a school-wide basis and can be configured to work with your Google SSO. This way your students and faculty can be automatically connected with their Google Drive account. To take advantage of this new feature, please follow the instructions in our Help Center article.

Now it's your turn, Community. We're here and excited for your feedback, so try out these apps and let us know what you think. You can leave a comment below or reach out to us on Twitter (@Schoology). If you have any questions or concerns, please check the Help Center or contact our Support Team.

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