Release Notes: HTML5 Audio/Video Recorder, Student Mastery Details, New School Analytics and More!

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Release Notes: HTML5 Audio/Video Recorder, Student Mastery Details, New School Analytics and More!

Posted in Schoology | November 21, 2019

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

So, what’s new?

HTML5 Audio/Video Recorder 

Schoology says goodbye to Flash technology!

Since Adobe announced end-of-life support for Flash Player, Schoology will no longer be using Flash technology. The flash-based audio-video recorder has now been replaced with a HTML5-based audio/video recorder. With this update, you will no longer receive prompts in your browser to download or enable Flash when using the recorder.

If you want to have this turned on for your district, please reach out to your Client Success Manager. Please note this is not automatically on for everyone because it doesn’t support all browsers.

Learn more: HTML5 Audio/Video Recorder


Viewing Student Mastery Details Within a Course

Students and parents can now view student achievement on any School or District-level standard or learning objective (that has been aligned to materials within a course). 

*Note: Students or parents may not have permission to view the Mastery area of a course. Contact your teacher or a school administrator with any questions. 

Learn more: Student Mastery Details


Last, but certainly not least… 

New School Analytics 

As of August 1, 2019, Schoology is using a new system that provides better insights around the overall adoption of Schoology at the district level and makes it easier to export the data at scale.

The new system provides:

  • More consistent tracking of Schoology usage across web, iOS app, and Android app use.
  • A more accurate way of tracking the Time Spent on materials, that will cover the time students are spending on materials across web, iOS app, and Android app.
  • All of the information is easier to export out of the system, even for large districts.
  • The format of exported data will be easier to understand and utilize.
  • An insight dashboard that makes it easier to understand and analyze the data for system administrators.

The first phase of the new analytics system allows System Administrators to export analytics as a CSV file. This article outlines how to export and view analytics for data captured after August 1, 2019. To learn more about accessing school analytics, see here

And we’ve fixed a few bugs for you...

  • We fixed an issue with the "score at least" student completion rule set on assessments that was preventing students’ submissions showing as complete until "recheck student progress” was pushed. Students that have submitted assessments with the “score at least” rule now show as completed. 
  • We fixed an issue with the Microsoft OneDrive Resource app that was preventing resources being viewed and materials being added within the app. The app no longer shows an infinite load when accessed.
  • We fixed an issue with the Skyward integration course-level app that was preventing instructors from syncing assignments manually. Instructors can now sync assignments successfully to Skyward.
  • We fixed an issue with District Mastery that prevented Course Admins from adding or editing grade columns in the gradebook. Course Admins will no longer see an error message when adding or editing grade columns in the gradebook.
  • We fixed an issue with completion rules that prevented the rules from saving when added on the main course section page. Completion rules can now be saved when adding them outside of folders. 
  • We fixed an issue with creating new rubrics and aligning learning objectives within an assignment that prevented the assignment being created or saved. Instructors can now create new rubrics and align learning objectives within an assignment.

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