Quick Question: How Do You Engage Parents and Advisors?

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Dylan Rodgers

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Quick Question: How Do You Engage Parents and Advisors?

Posted in Community | March 25, 2015

It's no news to you that the learning environment and everyone in it (Okay, the learning ecosystem then) play an enormous role in how well students perform. And no matter how much you feng shui your classroom or enforce your code of conduct, the fact is the most influential people in a student's life rarely ever step foot in your domain.

Edudemic recently dealt with this in their article, "How to Be an Effective Ally to Parents." They provide nine tactics to build healthier relationships with your students' parents, most of which hinge on open lines of communication and engagement.

If you use Schoology, then you know how open your digital classroom can be to parents and advisors. Communication is easy, and there are more opportunities than ever to engage them in student projects and encourage collaboration between them, their peers, and the institution.

Engaging parents and advisors is, however, much harder than it sounds, and everyone handles it differently. So the big question we all want to know the answer to is:

 How do you get parents, guardians, and advisors involved in the learning process?

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