Personalize Learning Like Never Before with Our New Assessment Management Platform!

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Personalize Learning Like Never Before with Our New Assessment Management Platform!

Posted in Schoology | June 27, 2016

Nearly 15 million instructors, administrators, and students around the world use Schoology to create engaging content, design digital lessons, boost collaboration, and simply transform the learning experience as we know it.

But more and more, we found educators needed actionable data—data that can be used at the district level to accurately understand student achievement, monitor student mastery, and improve curriculum.

You challenged us to think bigger. So we did.

Introducing the Future of Assessment Management (Enterprise Upgrade)

We are excited to announce Schoology’s new Assessment Management Platform (AMP), a groundbreaking solution that integrates learning and assessment management in one system!

By combining an assessment platform into our LMS, you are able to better coordinate curriculum and assessment. This means the objectives or standards being taught are the same ones being assessed using one system, across your entire institution.

This is a premium offering and is available as an upgrade for Enterprise Subscribers. Check out our Enterprise packages for more info.

Here’s how it all works:

Collaborate on Question Authoring

AMP allows you to collaboratively build assessments that are aligned with your district’s curriculum by forming Assessment Teams that are comprised of instructors and curriculum team members.

Create questions aligned to the learning objectives you’re already using in your Schoology courses, and organize your questions into question banks. Work with a group of any size, whether you are a part of a small PLC creating tests for a handful of sections across a grade level, or part of a regional cohort tasked with authoring assessments on a larger scale.



Build item banks and create assessments in your team’s collaborative workspace.

Use New Technology-Enhanced Item Types

We’ve added new question types that ask your students to demonstrate knowledge in more interactive and engaging ways, such as creating a number line, labeling an image, and creating a chart. These enhanced question types can elevate the quality of your assessments by challenging your students to think critically and providing deeper transparency into student understanding.


Efficiently Deliver Assessments

Your Assessment Teams create assessments by pulling from the question bank(s) they create and then easily push those assessments to multiple course sections across your district or institution.

The assessment then appears (hidden from students) at the bottom of the course Materials page of each of the destination courses.

Assessment Teams also set the instructions and other test-level settings like time limit and attempt limit at the institutional level. Once it is in the course, course administrators (a.k.a. instructors) can configure the gradebook settings on the assessment to decide if they would like it to count towards the students’ overall grade in the course, or only be scored for district purposes.

With Schoology’s Assessment Management Platform, your students log in to the same place where they learn lessons, submit assignments, and take their district assessments, completing the instructional workflow and creating less stress.

Easily Access Usable Data

In addition to collaborative authoring and bulk distribution, Schoology AMP offers easy access to the data generated by the assessment results.

Administrators can view aggregate data at the institutional level and can easily drill down (using the same system their faculty use to teach) to see results at the classroom or student level. Immediate and easy access to performance data provides purposeful feedback instructors and administrators can use to inform teaching.


Schoology AMP is a natively developed and fully integrated, embedded assessment platform that extends the platform's ability to drive truly informed instruction.

We’re excited to take the next step with you as we continuously advance what’s possible in education. Click here to learn more about our new assessment management platform.

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