PC Magazine Gives Schoology LMS Editor's Choice Rating

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PC Magazine Gives Schoology LMS Editor's Choice Rating

Posted in Schoology | November 09, 2015

An editor from PC Magazine recently took Schoology for a test drive, and the results are pretty thrilling. Editor William Fenton gave Schoology 4.5 stars and the Editor’s Choice Award saying, “Schoology bridges the divide with offerings for K-12 and higher education.”

He then proceeded to pull on our heartstrings a little, “with the face of a social network and the foundation of an enterprise LMS, Schoology hits the sweet spot for K-12 learning management.”

But we are not writing this just because we had to share our excitment. Some of the features Fenton highlighted throughout the review are great reminders of both the basic and more advanced tools you should consider taking advantage of when using the platform. Below are a few features of which Fenton made note.

Explore the Calendar

An aggregate of assignments, discussions, events, and quizzes, the calendar provides an aerial view of everything happening in your class, school, and entire institution. Educators can even edit due dates by dragging and dropping items, and create a new assignment directly from the calendar.

If you want to incorporate the Schoology calendar into your daily routine—something you really ought to consider—check out these calendar pro tips.

Set Student Completion Rules

Student Completion is a great way to give students the freedom to move through lessons and practice skills at their own pace while keeping track of their progress. For example, Fenton points out that educators could add a completion rule that requires students to post a response to a discussion before they move to the next assignment.

Want to pace students individually and free up time for more personal interactions? Check out our Student Completion Rules help article.

Look Who’s Talking (Students)

It’s no surprise Fenton called out Schoology’s discussion capabilities—we unveiled a new and improved version of our discussions feature this summer. This update focuses heavily on the need for participants to scan for information, identify unread posts, and participate in the conversation at any point in the thread.

After all, discussions are great tools to not only engage students but to also see a side of them they don't outwardly project. And discussions are even better when you can find the information you want instantly.

Learn more about our newly designed discussions via this blog post.

It’s always nice to get a great review, but it’s even better to know that our community is not just using our platform; you're instead continually pushing the boundaries in education and uncovering new uses for your favorite tools, which raises the question:

 What tools or apps do you find yourself using the most?

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