Our Redesigned Support Center Helps You Get Answers Fast

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Jerod Allen

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Our Redesigned Support Center Helps You Get Answers Fast

Posted in Schoology | May 31, 2016

Greetings from the Schoology Documentation team! We’re the ones responsible for adding new content to the Support Center—a balancing act built on new feature releases, support metrics, and direct user feedback. Sometimes it feels like we’re spinning plates, but we wouldn’t trade the opportunity to support our community for the world.

As you have probably noticed, Schoology has been undergoing a lot of changes lately—from a revamped website and blog to some accessibility updates to our platform, we’re committed to constantly evolving to deliver the best possible user experience.

As part of this commitment, we’re proud to announce another update … to, you guessed it, the Schoology Support Center!

Changes include some basic ones, such as a rebranding and updated color scheme to better align with our website, to major ones like a full scale redesign of the ways you can navigate the Support Center and access articles in the knowledge base.

For example: in our old Support Center, the organization was very “flat”—all of the help articles were in the same basic “Schoology Guides” area, with two other entry points on the main landing page that went to our community forums and “news and updates” areas.


Screenshot from the old Support Center

The revamped site better utilizes this space, with each of the three entry points instead pointing to guides for our main user roles—System Administrators, Instructors, and Students—while still providing an easy access point to the user forums, as well.


And here's our new Support Center!

Another major change is to the articles themselves—the biggest piece of feedback we receive about our help guides is how long many of the articles are, making it awkward to locate the necessary info as quickly as preferable. Rest assured, we’ve heard your feedback and have addressed it in the redesign!

By breaking articles into smaller “chunks,” we’re limiting the size of each, so pertinent information is easier to find and apply. Additionally, we’ve built in more prominent navigational elements, including a TOC of articles in the left margin and Previous and Next buttons to support quickly moving through some of our more content-rich (i.e., long) articles.


The information you need, when and where you need it. Nice!

Please take a minute and check out the new Support Center when you have a chance, and also keep an eye out for several other new initiatives we’re unveiling throughout the rest of the summer.

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