NEXT Awards: Recognizing Star Members of the Schoology Community

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NEXT Awards: Recognizing Star Members of the Schoology Community

Posted in Community | September 18, 2015

One of my favorite activities at our annual user conference, Schoology NEXT, is recognizing the Schoology community for your achievements. We are so lucky to have such an active, innovative, and engaged community, and it's always difficult to select just a few award winners.


As our community grows, we want every opportunity to highlight your incredible successes. Here are the awards we gave out in 2015, some insight about how we select recipients, and ways YOU can get involved in the next year.

Ambassador of the Year

Awarded to a Schoology Ambassador who is an active, innovative, and enthusiastic advocate and Schoology resource online, within their institution, and at events. 

Nichole Carter
TOSA Innovation Strategist, Beaverton School District, OR


Selecting the first Ambassador award is fairly straightforward with a gamified structure built into the program, points are awarded when Ambassadors participate by creating content and sharing their insights about Schoology with the larger education community. At a certain date, the Ambassador with the highest score is eligible to win Ambassador of the Year. Nichole's enthusiasm for sharing her students' achievements made it no surprise she scored the most points of her Ambassador peers. 

Kellie Ady
District Instructional Technology Coordinator, Cherry Creek Schools, CO


We also wanted to recognize other Ambassadors who may not be motivated by a gamified structure, but still contribute in other ways to our greater community. When we reviewed contributions in Schoology Public Groups, shared Schoology Resources, and folks who have presented on behalf of Schoology at events, it was clear that Kellie Ady stood out as a leader. Chances are, Kellie has probably responded to a question of yours in Schoology Educators, or you've read Cherry Creek's incredible instructional technology blog.  

 Read more about Nichole, Kellie, and the rest of the Schoology Ambassadors here on the blog, and apply or nominate someone you know to join the program for the 2015-2016 class.

Awarded from an essay contest open to the entire Schoology community, in response to the prompt, "How have you used Schoology to transform what's possible...whether in your classroom/school/district/campus/extended learning community or even in your life or in the lives of your students, we want to hear your Schoology success story."

Educator of the Year

This was an incredibly competitive category, in fact, we had so many great stories submitted for this award that we created a new weekly series here on the blog to share them all. Every Thursday, check for a new Art of Schoology post to get inspired by these award finalists.

Stacey King
Teacher, Utah Online High School, UT


Some of Stacey's story:

"...I became a teacher because of the profound in_uence for good some of my high school teachers had on my life. I want to be that kind of teacher! As I've had the opportunity to work with these students this year through my courses in Schoology, I feel like I have been able to get to know my students, earn their trust, and be an in_uence in their lives like I haven't felt with other online programs I've used. Thanks, Schoology, for helping me to transform what is possible for these students that need it the most!"

Tara Amsterdam
Instructional Technology Coach/Mentoring, Colonial School District, DE


Some of Tara's story:

"...I have helped transform how our district delivers instruction and PD. My colleague and I developed Schoology modules used to train teachers in our district and these modules ended up getting shared statewide. We ran blended learning training, Schoology nights and instructional technology nightsДI also coordinate our district's [new teacher] mentoring program and have developed a mentoring course for our novice teachers. They experience the platform as a student but they are also see a model for online instructional design."

Robert Schuetz
Technology Coordinator, Palatine High School, IL


Some of Bob's story:

"...Schoology is supporting our socially connected learning in significant ways. Our professional learning programs for staff members reside on Schoology. These in-district courses utilize gamified elements, mastery learning standards, and digital badges. We are nearing completion of an online, self-paced digital citizenship course for our students. This course will include media-rich material from Common Sense Media, mastery learning standards, and differentiated assessment options. Recently, Cory Klinge and I have started co-moderating an educational chat on Twitter called #SchoologyChat. Schoology users from around the world gather virtually each month to discuss ideas, and share experiences related to their use of Schoology. The response to these conversations has been positive, and we are anticipating increased involvement and impact. These are just three of many examples of how Schoology is transforming learning through social connections."

Get Involved

We can't recognize you if we don't know your story! Keep an eye out here on the blog for opportunities to get more involved with our community, share your story with others, and nominate yourself or others for these annual awards. Congratulations to our 2015 winners, and we can't wait to meet even more of you over the next year. Share your congrats and feedback in the comments!

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