NEXT 2015 Keynote Part III: The Power of Community with Schoology's CMO Melton Littlepage

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NEXT 2015 Keynote Part III: The Power of Community with Schoology's CMO Melton Littlepage

Posted in Schoology | September 08, 2015

As you read this, our community is growing. Together, the Schoology Community is now well over 11 million students and education professionals, spanning nearly every country in the world.

Just imagine the flood of ideas and resources being shared across our platform, especially in our public groups, every moment. I get chills thinking of the awesome power we all have when we work together.

This power we share as a community is the topic of Melton Littlepage's presentation during NEXT 2015's opening keynote. If you want to see what makes Schoology amazing, 1) look in the mirror and 2) watch this.


Melton's Keynote Presentation 2015

"The reality is the Schoology Groups are one of the strongest resources in the education community for networking, sharing information, coming up to speed, and figuring out new and interesting ways to do our jobs," explains Melton.

"If you want to collaborate with peers on best practices, if you want to find peers in your same subject in a different place in your campus, a different state, even a different country, this is where you can connect with them," says Melton as he points to an image of Schoology's Public Groups.

He's right. We see educators joining in the conversation, solving problems, and helping each other out every single day. But this only happens because people like you are making this happen.

Think of the brilliant insights, the timely resources, and the overwhelming support from other lifelong learners that would be possible if everyone in our community were to dive into the groups.

"If you want to hang out with the brightest minds in education, you're gonna be hanging out with the Schoology Community in the Schoology Public Groups. If you are one of the brightest minds in education and you're not in here, get in here, get in the game, because this is where it's happening."

Ready to dive in? There's no better time than now!

How to Join Schoology's Public Groups

If you'd like to join in the collaborations happening in our public groups, go to the public groups listing, click the button to the right of the groups you want to join, and start connecting. There is no challenge too great if we simply learn together.

 Watch Melton's keynote segment to learn more about what it means to be in our community.

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