NEXT 2015 Keynote Part I: The Vision with Schoology's CEO Jeremy Friedman

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NEXT 2015 Keynote Part I: The Vision with Schoology's CEO Jeremy Friedman

Posted in Schoology | August 24, 2015

One of my favorite parts of Schoology NEXT is the opening keynote presentation. It's our opportunity as a company to share how we are thinking about the platform, what we're hearing from the community, and how we plan to move forward.

And now, we'd like to share this opening keynote with everyone who wasn't able to make it to the conference this year. So whip up some popcorn, grab a nice comfortable seat, and check out the first part of our 3 part Keynote.

NEXT 2015 Opening Keynote Part I

Connectedness—this is Schoology's greatest asset as a community and a platform. It's also the overarching theme of everything we're working to achieve. 

But what exactly are we working towards? Well as Jeremy explains, education technology is trapped in a walled garden. There are thousands of apps and systems, none of which work together as well as they should.

"We hear everyone saying that they want to find new ways to personalize education. They want to personalize learning. Today, if you think about doing that with the tools you have, it's possible, but it's absolutely exhausting," explains Jeremy. "We need to find better ways to enable you to do this. We need to find more connected experiences, better integrations, and we need tools to allow you to personalize with the click of a button."

How are we going to do this? Three words:

The Education Cloud

"We've built the industry's first Education Cloud. We're not thinking about Schoology as a learning management system. We're thinking about it as an ecosystem that's pre-connected and pre-integrated with all the tools, the content, and the applications you use."

Watch Jeremy's keynote segment to learn more about the Education Cloud and where Schoology is going.

* * *

Stay tuned for Part II of NEXT 2015's opening keynote presentation. Next week, we'll explore Schoology's product roadmap with our VP of Product Ryan Hwang.

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