New Features: Point-Based Grading Scales and Calendar Improvements

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New Features: Point-Based Grading Scales and Calendar Improvements

Posted in Schoology | May 03, 2013

Happy Friday, Schoology Community!

As usual, we've been working hard to improve your day-to-day experience on our platform because, frankly, you deserve it. And even though we launched Grading Rubrics on Monday, we figured that a few more cool features couldn't hurt, right?

Check these out:

Point-Based Grading Scales

You now have the ability to create custom point-based grading scales! These scales, as apposed to percentage-based scales, are perfect for assessing a student's level of mastery in relation to Common Core Standards, State Standards, and learning outcomes.

To create a point-based grading scale:

  1. Go to the Grade Setup area of your Gradebook.
  2. Select the Add dropdown menu in the top right corner of your page and click Scale.
  3. When your grading scale creator pops up, notice the toggle allowing you to switch between percentage and point-based scales marked by the red circle below.

Once you switch to Points, you can quickly and easily create custom scales perfect for standards and outcomes-based grading. Your point-based grading scales act just like percentage scales, meaning they are organized in the Grade Setup area and can be attached to content via the content creation/editing tool.

Calendar Views and Color-Coding

Your calendars just became a little more dynamic and colorful! And though the aesthetics are nice, they have some serious organizational uses.

When you are viewing your personal calendar—the one that you access from your Home page—notice the new dropdown menu entitled, "All Calendars," in the top middle of the page (represented by "3 of 8 Calendars" in the screenshot below). Click that and you can select which calendars you'd like to view by enabling the check boxes.

By clicking the little white box to the right of each calendar name, a color chart will pop up, giving you a whole palette to choose from. Select a color and the events from that particular calendar will  appear in that color.

That's it: two easy-to-use features just for you! So go, Schoology Community. Go and enjoy these new features. And once you tried them out, let us know what you think right here on the blog. We're always excited to get your feedback.

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