New Features: Improved Zip Imports and Web Content

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New Features: Improved Zip Imports and Web Content

Posted in Schoology | July 02, 2013

Are you ready for more features? While school has been winding down for many, our team has been busy as ever creating new functionality for your course content. As you know, we've been working hard to improve the platform's compatibility with external content to enrich your online experience in both functionality and ease of use. Well, these two new features mark another step in that direction.

Newly Supported Zip Imports

When you import compressed (.zip) files, Schoology will now fully maintain the file structure. This means that the files will not only stay organized in their original structure, but they will also maintain their original formatting, keeping files and folders organized in their original pre-zipped locations. 

Support for Web Content Packages

You can now add Web Content to your courses and resources. Somewhat similar to SCORM packages (an enterprise feature), Web Content refers to website files, compressed in .zip format. They can now be integrated and hosted directly within Schoology for a seamless and interactive experience.

Integrating Web Content is super simple, as long as you have the files readily available. Just navigate to your Personal Resources or a folder inside your course and select the Add Resources (in the Resources view) or Add Materials (in the folder inside a course) dropdown menu. You'll see an option entitled, Add Package.

(SCORM is available for enterprise users)

You can then upload a zip file containing your Web Content which will then be usable, as any other resource, throughout your courses and viewable within Schoology as an iFrame. This is what it will look like in action:

That wraps up this week's feature release. We're interested in your thoughts about these features and any others, so if you feel compelled, don't hesitate to leave comments. If you have questions, please check out our Help Center or reach out to our Support Team via

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