New Features: Content Creation Form Redesign and System-Wide Grading Scale Setup

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New Features: Content Creation Form Redesign and System-Wide Grading Scale Setup

Posted in Schoology | May 10, 2013

Happy Friday, Schoology Community!

The time has come to unveil our newest feature updates—a dynamic duo that may have quite an impact on your day-to-day Schoology experiences.

Content Form Redesign

Many great things come in threes: the primary colors, the bones of the human ear, the ingredients of a BLT. So when we decided to reconstruct the content form, three was the magic number. We rebuilt the layout, added functionality, and streamlined the interface for a better overall feel.

  1. Rich Text Descriptions—We enhanced the description fields in all of the course material and resource forms by transforming them into rich text editors! These editors are mini versions with limited functionality, but by clicking that little arrow in the top right corner, it will expand to the fully functional rich text editor you know and love.
  2. Separation of Attachments and Functions—To provide a more intuitive layout and reduce the number of clicks, we relocated the attachments to the bottom of the rich text editor—because they work in tandem—and eliminated the More and Advanced menus so everything you need is right in front of you.
  3. New Options Layout—All the functions and attachment, throughout the platform, are now represented by icons that tell you their name if you hover over them. In the content forms specifically, the advanced options are now divided into three sections (shown from left to right in the screenshot above):
    • Main options—Assign, Align, and Lock. Click these and new settings appear.
    • Toggle Options—These options can be selected and deselected to turn their functions on an off. Notice how they are not greyed out? That means they're turned on.
    • Cross Course Options—For most materials, this section is only the Copy to Courses option. Discussion forms have the Shared Discussion option.

System-Wide Grading Scale Setup (Enterprise Feature)

System administrators now have the ability to create percentage and point-based grading scales that will immediately appear in every course in your school or district. This feature provides a simpler way to establish system-wide consistency.

If you're a system administrator and want to create a grading scale, go to your System Settings tab in the left column of your Home page. Select Grade Settings in the left column and then Grading Scales in middle of the page. From here, creating grading scales is exactly like creating them in a course, except once they are created they will automatically appear in every live course in that system.

Teachers, you can still create and manage your own scales, but you may now see system-wide scales in your list designated by no gear icon. This is because they cannot be edited or deleted at the course level. And that new star icon to the right of each scale allows you to choose one as your default.

Those are the latest features to hit the Schoology platform! As always, Schoology Community, we are interested in your feedback. Your keen minds and frontline experience help make this platform what it is, so please feel free to check out these new features and let us know what you think.

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