New Android and iOS Apps: Boost Course Flexibility Using Color

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New Android and iOS Apps: Boost Course Flexibility Using Color

Posted in Schoology | March 06, 2015


Here's one for all you mobile users out there: our latest versions of the Schoology Android and iOS apps are available for download! These updated versions are chock full of improvements both large and small all rolled up into one great mobile experience.

Android and iOS: Support for Folder Colors

If you customize course folder colors on the web platform, then you and your students will now see those same colors on your Android and iOS devices! Check it out:

Having this feature provides you with a new level of flexibility in how you organize your lessons and activities. It also adds another layer of consistency between the web platform and the mobile apps, which is a huge boon to mixed device and BYOD learning environments.

Strategic use of folder colors has many benefits, including simplifying course navigation, differentiating instruction, and even enabling you to enhance your digital learning environment. If you're interested in using folder colors but you aren't sure how to approach it, ask your global community in the Schoology Educators Group.

iOS: Grading Panel Enhancements

We've also made numerous improvements to the grading panels and your experience when using them. Here's the short list:

  • When swiping between student submissions, it looks and feels more like turning a page so transitions are smooth.
  • Grading and annotation icons are now larger to make them even easier to use.
  • The Grading Slider now automatically rounds to the nearest whole or 0.5 value.

What Else is New?

Android App v3.0

  • The interface is improved when navigating from one panel to the next.
  • We've made improvements to messaging via the app.
  • This version includes additional bug and stability fixes.

iOS App v3.5

  • Instructors can more easily grade in courses with large enrollments.
  • It's now easier for students to view their grades, whether you use rubrics or point-based scales.
  • This version includes additional bug and stability fixes.


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That's it for this round, but we always have more coming for both iOS and Android so get ready! Download the newest versions of our free app and let us know what you think by rating the apps, commenting below, or tweeting @Schoology.

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