Mobile Course Management Made Easy with Our New Android and iOS Apps

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Mobile Course Management Made Easy with Our New Android and iOS Apps

Posted in Schoology | July 28, 2014

Mobile devices are marvelous tools, aren't they? They have quickly become the go-to devices for information, tasks, and entertainment. But no matter how many bells and whistles are added on (iOS alone has over a million apps!) the true measure of a mobile device is how simple it can make our everyday tasks.

Well, if you're an educator using Schoology's mobile apps, then your everyday tasks just became a whole lot easier!

Introducing our Android v2.5.3 and iOS v3.2 mobile apps. These apps have been meticulously refined to help you do more with your mobile device. Start downloading them now, because once you're done reading this blog, you're going to want to dive right in.

Android v2.5.3: Schoology in Spanish

Here's some great news for all the Spanish speaking Android users: our Android mobile app is now smoother and more stable than ever before, plus it fully supports the Spanish language! To put that into context, Spanish has the second highest number of speakers in the world and Android has the most mobile device users. That makes this update a really big deal.

To start using Schoology in Spanish on your Android device, ensure that your language settings on your device are in Spanish. If they are, then the Schoology app should now appear in Spanish as well.

If you haven't changed your device's language settings to Spanish yet and you want to, go to your settings and select Settings > Language and Input > Language > Español.

 All user generated content will continue to appear in the language in which it was created.

iOS v3.2: Improved Teacher Workflow

Although we are constantly working to improve mobile learning as a whole, we had focused the majority of our iOS mobile efforts on refining the student experience. Now we're shifting gears a bit to focus on helping you manage your courses and content more effectively.

Edit and Delete Assignments, Events, and Discussions

Managing your courses from your iOS device has never been so easy! Why? Because you can now edit and delete assignments, discussions, and events with a little more than a swipe. There are two ways to edit and delete them:

1. The Swipe—While on your course materials page, swipe across an assignment or a discussion from right to left. You'll see a pencil and a trashcan appear on the right.

2. The Gear—If you select one assignment, discussion, or event, you may notice the gear icon in the top right corner. Touch that to edit or delete the material, show the comments, and enter Full Screen mode.

When editing materials, you have access to many of the Advanced Options avialable on the web, including the abilities to turn on or off the Submissions Area, Availability, Grade Statistics, and Comments. Plus, if you want to add or replace an attachment. You'll see these features at the bottom of the editing panel.

Create Media Albums

You can now create media albums on your mobile device, just as you would any other course material. Simply select the + in the top right corner to get started. Once you type in a name and a description, you can hit the little arrow in the top to start uploading media and adding image captions. 

And don't think you have to do it all at once. You and your students can always add images after it has been created.

Add Files and Links as Materials

You can now add Files and Links to your course materials just like you would on the web platform. Touch the + in the top right corner and select either File or Link.

Improved Updates Thumbnail Browser

We've made improvements to the way you view images attached to updates. In a viewer similar to that of media albums, you can now view all the images posted in an update; swipe left and right to switch the images; view the thumbnail menu; share an image; or open one in another application all from one place. 

Native Audio Recording for Assignment Submissions Enterprise Only

Whether you teach a language course or not, it can be important for students to record audio and submit it as an assignment. Well now they can record audio assignment submissions without ever leaving the Schoology iOS app! 

When students are viewing the assignment, they can switch to the Submissions panel using the toggle at the top and then select the + in the top right corner. Touch Record Audio from the menu and you're in business.

* * *

Those are the updates for both Android and iOS. If that isn't enough for you, we'll be releasing even more soon enough. For now, download either Android v2.5.3 or iOS v3.2, try out these new features, and let us know what you think here on the blog or across the Twitterverse (@Schoology).


Also, if you have any questions, please reach out to our Support Team.

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