Lucas Langworthy's Winning Video: Creating Order for Serious Collaboration

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Lucas Langworthy's Winning Video: Creating Order for Serious Collaboration

Posted in Community | April 25, 2013

The winner of our Power User Video Contest: Best Overall Use of Schoology (Higher Ed) category is Lucas Langworthy from Minnesota. He has used Schoology for two years now to teach video production courses at Northwestern College, Central University, and IFP (Independent Filmmaker Project MN) in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Lucas' video is a prime example of Schoology's ability to augment communication and collaboration between people with very separate and busy schedules.

When asked about his inspiration as a teacher, Lucas replied, "I love to share my passion of filmmaking with my students. When I can see them get excited about growing in their skills and abilities, it reminds me of why I teach."

Thank you Lucas!

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