Let's Talk: Mobile

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Dylan Rodgers

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Let's Talk: Mobile

Posted in Community | May 01, 2013

Mobile technologies are getting better all the time. Starting with the cell phone's birth in 1973 to the touch screen computer-camera-e reader-tablet-phones we see all around us, mobile technologies have quickly become humanity's dominant method of gathering, digesting, and sharing information.

According to a recent poll (the Piper Jaffray 23rd semiannual "Taking Stock with Teens"), 34 percent of teenagers own a tablet and some 86 percent of teens say a smartphone will be their next device. Even more astounding are the figures detailing just how much tablet owners actually use their devices and for what purposes.

So the big questions are:

How are you making use of moble technologies in the classroom? And how have Schoology's mobile apps helped in your efforts?

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