ISTE 2016 Recap: Getting AMP'd with a Brilliant Team of Ambassadors

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ISTE 2016 Recap: Getting AMP'd with a Brilliant Team of Ambassadors

Posted in News | July 01, 2016

Having just got back from ISTE 2016, my mind is abuzz. How could it not be? For three days, every moment was spent building new connections, reuniting with old friends, and simply soaking up as much information as possible.

As we synthesize much of what happened at ISTE this year to share with you in the Exchange, let's take a quick look at what happened at our booth during the conference.

We Got AMP'd

If you haven't heard, we launched one of the most ambitious and groundbreaking new products in education technology—our Assessment Management Platform (AMP).


With it, Enterprise-Plus subscribers (an upgrade from Enterprise) can author objectives-aligned assessments at the institutional level, deliver them within the normal course workflow, and gain access to actionable performance data at the individual, course, school, and institutional levels.

We'll, of course, be expounding on what this means for educators in future posts, but for now you can learn more about AMP in our product release blog post, on our website, or by reaching out to your Schoology Account Manager. 

The Ambassadors Rocked the Conference

The Schoology booth was jam-packed with educators from around the world engaged in awesome presentations led by the infamous Schoology Ambassadors.





A star-studded cast including Kelly Baker, Erin Schiller, Dustin Andrus, Bob Schuetz, Kellie Ady, Erin Mayer, Amber Paynter, and Brian Green tore up the exhibitor hall with fantastic presentations on topics ranging from creating Dyn-O-Mite assessments to launching PD on-demand.

There were even attendees who joined us for three or four presentations in a row. And rightly so, because you'd be hard pressed to find the insights our Ambassadors were dropping anywhere else.

Thank you, ambassadors. You took the conference from great to stellar.

The Community Became Bigger and Stronger

Over the course of three days, we made hundreds of new connections and strengthened existing ones. I'm positive I speak for every Schoology employee who attended the conference that getting to meet community members and share our product with passersby is an incredibly fulfilling experience.

We had a #SchoologyChat get together where some of our community members who meet on Twitter every month met for the first time.

I also had the pleasure of working with John Gibson, a woodworking teacher at Lingle-Ft. Laramie High School in Wyoming. He shared with me how he uses the platform to teach his students the basics of woodworking and provide them with a digital showroom for sharing what they've built.

We then picked each other's brains to figure out how to take it to the next level by turning the course into a personalized, self-paced environment where students work their way through beginner, intermediate, and advanced projects on their own.

This conversation, along with the countless others I had at ISTE, really made my week, and I know I'm not alone.

* * *

There's a ton to share from ISTE this year, so expect to see more posts about some of the coolest insights we gleaned from the conference. And if you attended this year ...

What did you learn from ISTE 2016?


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