Introducing Our New and Improved Support Center and Community Guidelines

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Jen Robustelli

Director of Community at Schoology

Introducing Our New and Improved Support Center and Community Guidelines

Posted in Schoology | November 05, 2013

Hello, Community!

We are so appreciative to have such a passionate, active, and helpful Schoology user community. In order to continue to provide the best experience possible, there are two important community-related updates I’d like to share with you.

New Support Center

Our Support Center has been given a major redesign that should make it much easier to find and discover Schoology-related content. In addition to the hundreds of videos, guides, and product documentation, there are several interactive forums where you can ask and answer support-related questions, give our team feedback, and request features.

Here are a few key areas of interest to check out now:

The Help Center is where you will find our user guides, video tutorials, and frequently asked questions.

The Community Support area is the place to ask questions and share ideas with Schoology users and staff. You can view and join in conversations on the best ways to use the platform to solve educational challenges. You can also submit feature requests here.

The Announcements area houses all the latest updates on Schoology features and company news.

On the home page of the Support Center, you will also be able to see important articles promoted by us and trending community questions at a glance.

New Community Guidelines for Schoology Groups

With the rollout of this redesigned Support Center, and the rapid growth of the Schoology user community, we have drafted these three guidelines as a reference when posting in Schoology Groups.

Schoology Groups include:

As always, these groups are your areas to connect with other educators. We hope the guidelines below will keep these groups a relevant, beneficial, and supportive environment for all users.

  1. Asking Schoology Support Questions in Groups—If you have a support-related question or need help with using Schoology, please post your question in the Community Support Forum where other Schoology users and staff can help you sort it out. This helps us to ensure you get the best possible answers and also log any product feedback you give us so we can continue to make Schoology even better. Please do not post support questions in Schoology Groups.
  2. Promoting Services, Products, or Apps—If you have an app or product, please do not solicit product feedback, or promote products or services for commercial purposes in Schoology Groups or on the blog. If you've built an app for Schoology and want help getting the word out, please contact us. Commercial solicitation posts may be removed with or without notice by the Schoology Team.
  3. Offensive Content—In an effort to keep our community a safe, respectful place for all to contribute, Schoology reserves the right to remove (with or without notice) posts deemed offensive or disrespectful to other community members.

We welcome your continual feedback and help in supporting these community guidelines. If you have any questions, or have ideas about how to make our Support Center or Schoology Groups even better, we want to hear from you. Feel free to leave us a comment below or reach out on Twitter (@Schoology), and thanks for all your great feedback so far!

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