[Infographic] What's Standing in the Way of Effective Digital Learning?

[Infographic] What's Standing in the Way of Effective Digital Learning?
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[Infographic] What's Standing in the Way of Effective Digital Learning?

Posted in News | February 09, 2018

Education is complex. It's an intersection where people, passions, instructional strategies, curriculum, politics, and technology meet. A complex, fluctuating chemistry such as this no doubt introduces challenges on all fronts.

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But you don't need me to tell you that. Most of you reading this live it every day and understand the challenges you face. Do you think, however, that all the professionals involved in the instructional process (teachers, instructional technologists, PD specialists, etc.) would identify the same challenges of digital learning?

The first step in problem solving is to identify the problem. But complex problems require complex solutions—and in this case a collaborative effort among many people with different roles and perspectives is needed. Given that, it's imperative that everyone is speaking the same language, seeing the same issues, and working towards the same outcomes.

In an effort to identify the challenges and obstacles educators are facing, among other critical data, Schoology conducted a survey with nearly 3,000 K-12 education professionals (see the full results here). One of the more important questions asked in this survey had to do with the top challenges teachers and administrators face.

Here's what they had to say.

What's Standing in the Way of Effective Digital Learning?


Make Sure the Next Steps of Your Educational Strategies are Data-Informed

Having solid data is critical to making smart decisions about your future and the future of your students. The infographic above is just one of many questions we asked nearly 3,000 education professionals like you in our Global State of Digital Learning 2017-18 study. 

If you found the data above interesting (hopefully valuable too), then download our free ebook with the full results. It'll give you a clear snapshot of K-12 challenges, priorities, strategies, and technologies. After you download it, tweet us @Schoology to let us know what you want to know in our next study.



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