How to Use Schoology for Staff Observation and Evaluation Part 1

How to Use Schoology for Staff Observation and Evaluation Part 1
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How to Use Schoology for Staff Observation and Evaluation Part 1

Posted in Pro Tips | June 11, 2018

Here's one for all of you administrators out there. Rod Kirby, the Academic Dean of Cherokee Christian School in Woodstock, GA and Schoology Ambassador, recently created some detailed walkthrough videos on how he uses Schoology to observe and evaluate his teachers in his school. He graciously decided to share them right here on the Schoology Exchange.

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To give you a little background, here's Rod:

"One of my responsibilities as Academic Dean is supervision and evaluation of teachers. I conduct two full class observations of each teacher every year, along with numerous shorter visits. Over the years, I have worked to develop and refine a system for reporting on the full observations in a way that is helpful to the teachers and to me. The combination of Schoology's implementation of rubrics with mastery reporting—available with Enterprise—has met that need in a powerful way.

"My system is based on our school's adaptation of Charlotte Danielson's framework. We modified and rearranged her set of rubrics to support our own mission statement. Not all those components are relevant to class observations, since some address things like continuing education, communication with parents, and support of school policies. So I use a subset of the components, selecting those which specifically address the instructional process.

"This system allows me to give timely, specific feedback to teachers. More than that, however, it allows me to see overall trends among the faculty, spotting those areas of particular strength and components which might need further work through staff development."

Below is Part 1 of Rod's three part series. In today's video, he shares how he set up his staff evaluation course. He'll walk you through creating custom learning objectives, setting up grading scales and rubrics, and modifying Mastery Reporting settings. He also talks a bit about his strategy and why he sets everything up the way he does.

So grab a note pad and settle in, because the Dean is in and he's brought some excellent insights for administrators and instructors alike.


How to Use Schoology for Staff Observation and Evaluation Part 1: The Setup


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