How to Print Tests and Quizzes on Schoology

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How to Print Tests and Quizzes on Schoology

Posted in Schoology | October 06, 2015

The Double Octuple Printing Press, circa 1902. What a difference a century makes! 

The internet is amazing. I'm not the first to admit it, nor will I be the last. But no matter how many life-changing epiphanies (and hilarious videos!) it can provide, there will always be a place for the analog methodology.

This is especially true in testing. Some scenarios require printed assessments rather than digital ones.

Well, we're excited to announce that if you use Schoology Enterprise, you can now print your tests and quizzes more effectively! I hope this gets you as pumped as it does me, because this is one of the top most requested features in Schoology history.

And for those of you who use Schoology Basic, the free version of our platform, you can print assessments using your browser's print function. Simply click the Preview tab in your quiz, select Begin Test/Quiz, and use your browser's menu to print. 

The difference in using your browser versus our new print feature is in the amount of control you have over the assessment's formatting and how it's graded. Our feature also provides an answer key for each version of the assessment!

First Things First: You Need a Test or Quiz to Print

If you aren't utilizing Schoology's test/quiz feature, then you're missing out on one of the most powerful components of our platform.

Whether you'd use tests and quizzes for entry and exit tickets or official exams, you will be shocked at how quickly you can create an assessment, check for understanding, provide personalized feedback, and shift course to improve learning comprehension.

Seriously. I cannot advocate for this enough.

So if you haven't used tests or quizzes in Schoology before, or you want to dive deeper into this feature, check out our blog entitled, The Surprising Simplicity of Schoology's Quizzes.

Setting Up Assessments for Printing Enterprise Only

So you want to print a test or a quiz—how do you go about it? Just as with any print job, there are numerous factors that will alter the quality of the print. We did our best to make the process simple while providing you with the flexibility you need.

Keep in mind that our assessment printing feature is not intended to be used in scenarios other than when necessary. Using printed tests will not provide the instant results or question-by-question analytics that make our test/quiz feature so powerful.

Having said that, below are some important considerations when printing tests and quizzes.

Print Options

When creating your assessment, you have a few print-related options you should be aware of. For example, if you create short answer/essay questions, you'll notice the ability to choose the amount of space allowed to the student.

Choosing "Short answer" will provide less space than if you choose "Essay question". You also have the ability to specify how much space you want to provide each question type in the Print Options (available under the Settings tab).

One super nice option is the ability to print assessments with questions in a randomized order or even randomly generated tests from question banks.

Other Print Options include page size and the density of questions (i.e., one per page or as many as will fit).

Printing Your Assessment

When all your Print Options are set how you want them, it's time to print your assessment.

Go to the gear icon in the top right of your test/quiz setup area and click "Print Test." This will open up a preview. You may want to adjust your browser's print settings until the preview looks the way you want it to.

Rule of thumb—trust your browser's preview. It's pretty dead on.

Ready? Open up your browser's menu and use the print tool. Then just hang out while your printer does the rest.

 Keep in mind that each test quiz version you print will include it's own answer key. So if you have 10 versions, you'll get 10 answer keys.

Grading Printed Assessments

Grading your printed test is simple, especially because each version comes with it's very own answer key. But as mentioned before, grading printed assessments does not provide the automation or the data you would have if it were strictly digital.

Each printed version includes a unique ID. This ID lets Schoology know which version you are grading. Once you get the right version pulled up, you grade each question manually.


That's all I have for you on printing test and quizzes in Schoology, but this is just a taste. Before you dive in (or while you do) follow along with our Help Center article. It will provide you with all the details, tips, and nuances of printing tests in Schoology. Afterwards, you'll be a pro.

And as always, we're excited to hear what you think. Feel free to comment below or reach out to us via Twitter (@Schoology). Happy printing!

Header image by Sue Clark, CC 2.0

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