How Our New CK-12 App Helps You Individualize Learning

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How Our New CK-12 App Helps You Individualize Learning

Posted in Evolving Ed | October 20, 2016

Here’s a question for all the instructors, principals, and curriculum designers out there—how would your job be different if you had free, high quality, and customizable educational resources at your fingertips?

Whether you know it or not, you already have access to such resources. They’re called OERs, or open educational resources, and they’re available for anyone to use, modify, and share.

The only problem, and it can be a big problem, is having to find and vet content yourself. As Dr. Jeff Seaman, Co-Director of the Babson Survey Research Group, said “concerns about the time and effort it takes to find and evaluate these materials remains a significant barrier to wider adoption.”

To help solve this problem, Schoology partnered with the CK-12 Foundation, the leading OER content provider for Math & Science. Together, we are making the whole process of discovering great content and incorporating it into your lessons simple, convenient, and free. All of CK-12’s content is now available (with grade passback no less) via a resource app that lives in your courses.

But before we dive into the mechanics of our new app, let’s take a look at who the CK-12 Foundation is and what they have to offer.

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CK-12: A Holistic Approach to Open Content

CK-12 is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to high quality educational materials for K-12 STEM students and instructors all over the world. And while they can be categorized as an OER provider, they have been raising the bar for open content.

Now, CK-12 boasts a library of over 100+ FlexBooks® (digital textbooks) and 5000+ STEM concepts, resulting in a complete curriculum for K-12 math and science instructors.

“We've produced most of our content through our network of teachers and students for the last 10 years,” explains Neeru Khosla, Executive Director of the CK-12 Foundation. “This ‘for teachers by teachers’ model gives us a closer look at how we can improve teaching and learning by marrying content and technology.”

“Using cutting-edge technology and teacher feedback,” Neeru continues, “we've built products like our adaptive practice system, concept maps, and interactive content to make learning flexible and effective.”

All of this fits into CK-12’s core vision for education—moving from a “fixed time, variable learning” to a “variable time, fixed learning” or even “maximum capability learning” model. The first can be considered the traditional classroom where the time spent learning occurs almost entirely between the two bells and each student learns a different amount within that timeframe.

But with the right tools and resources, the time spent learning extends to anytime, anywhere. And this freedom to choose when, where, and even how to learn makes it possible to focus instruction more on objectives and skills.

CK-12 further supports this paradigm shift by enriching each concept with multiple modalities (text, video, interactive explorations models, etc.). This includes creating content and tools that are openly customizable and organized around core concepts and pre-designed, yet flexible, learning paths.

“Offering students the ability to learn Math & Science at their own pace in their preferred learning modality makes personalized learning a reality,” Neeru says. “So, we can help identify student learning gaps and also offer an effective modality for content remediation to help them learn deeply.”

“By partnering with leading a LMS provider like Schoology, we can now ensure all admins and teachers can easily discover and assign high quality content and assessments, giving students a wide library of content to learn. Schoology will help further our goal of providing anytime, anywhere access to high-quality K-12 STEM education to everyone.”

How You Can Start Using Our CK-12 Resource App

Those of you who use Schoology now have access to all of CK-12’s content for free right within your courses. It’s an app that lives in your Add Materials dropdown menu, so you can add CK-12 content to your lessons without breaking your workflow.

Using the awesome power of LTI integration (think of it as a gateway to third-party content), you can pull in multimedia resources that display in Schoology and act as any other course material.

How to Install the CK-12’s Free Resource App

To install the app, go to our App Center using the button in the lefthand menu of your home page and locate the CK-12 app.

For System Administrators (Enterprise)

  1. After clicking “Install LTI App” choose “Add to Organization”
  2. Fill out this form to get your Consumer Key and Shared Secret via email from CK-12
  3. Finally, configure the app by navigating to your Organization Apps via the toggle at the top of the App Center. It will then be installed and configured for all instructors.

For Individual Instructors (Basic)

  1. After clicking “Install LTI App” choose the course sections you want to add it to.
  2. Fill out this form to get your Consumer Key and Shared Secret via email from CK-12
  3. Finally, go to the “External Tools” page of your Course Options menu, click the CK-12 app, and configure it. You must configure the app for each course section that has the app.

Note: You can learn more about LTI integrations and Schoology in this Help Center article.

Once the app is configured, you can add CK-12 resources to your courses via the Add Materials menu or inline, like below.

I added this material in line so it’s organized from the start.

And your students will experience your new content seamlessly within Schoology.


Bing, bang, boom. Fuhgeddaboudit.


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