How Glen Irvin Uses Schoology for Flipped Mastery Learning [Video]

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How Glen Irvin Uses Schoology for Flipped Mastery Learning [Video]

Posted in Pro Tips | December 14, 2015

What exactly is flipped learning? What does it look like the real world? And how can it be meshed with mastery learning to improve student outcomes without burying yourself in tons of extra work?

These are questions Glen Irvin, a Spanish teacher in Wabasha, MN, was exploring as he searched for a better way to engage all his students. "Students that needed remediation rarely received it, and those students that needed to be challenged were bored," explains Glen when he thinks back to his traditional lecture-style courses.

After deciding it was time for a change, Glen went on a journey of transformation that led him to the flipped-classroom mastery learning model. He used Schoology to build his self-paced course, and he made a walkthrough video to tell you all about it.

So without further ado:

Interested to learn how Glen went from the "sage on the stage" strategy to this? Read about his epic journey in our Art of Schoology blog series.

  Do you do flipped learning? How about mastery learning? If so, how does your strategy differ from Glen's?

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