How Do You Pronounce "Heutagogy"? 10 Educators Chime In

How Do You Pronounce "Heutagogy"? 10 Educators Chime In [Video]
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How Do You Pronounce "Heutagogy"? 10 Educators Chime In

Posted in Community | May 21, 2018

While heutagogy, or self-directed learning, can be an incredibly impactful instructional strategy (you can learn all about it here), there's quite a lot of confusion as to how the word is even pronounced. Is it how'-tuh-goh-jee, hyoo'-tuh-gah-jee or some other variation?

Well we put the question of pronunciation to those we trust most in these important matters—the Champions. Here's what they had to offer.

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How Do You Pronounce "Heutagogy"?

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Now that you know how to say heutagogy /hyoo'-tuh-goh-jee/ (And "Knowing is half the battle!") it's worth taking the time to see what the study of self-determined learning is all about. Check out our post about how it differs from pedagogy and andragogy, what it looks like in education, and how to integrate it into your classroom.


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