¿Hablas Español? Schoology's iOS App v3.1 Does Too!

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¿Hablas Español? Schoology's iOS App v3.1 Does Too!

Posted in Schoology | June 17, 2014

Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the preferred devices for, well, for just about everything. I'm sure this isn't news to any of you reading this because after all, you probably use a mobile device for managing your classroom, communicating, banking, navigating, gaming, and most other digital activities, not to mention reading this blog.

Well, Schoology mobile users, we have yet another update that will make your mobile experience even better! Download Schoology iOS v3.1 because it is by far our most impactful version to date, especially if you speak Spanish.

Spanish Language Support

According to the University of Illinois in Springfield, Spanish is spoken by nearly 500 million people around the world. Well we have great news for all you Spanish speakers out there: our iOS app fully supports the Spanish language!

Nuestro Español es bastante bueno, ¿no?

To start using Schoology in Spanish on your iOS device, ensure that your language settings on your device are in Spanish. If they are, then the Schoology app should now appear in Spanish as well.

If you haven't changed your device's language settings to Spanish yet and you want to, go to your settings and select General > International > Language > Español.

  All user generated content will continue to appear in the language in which it was created.

Audio Recording Attachments Enterprise Only

Enterprise users, you can now record audio directly in the Schoology mobile app. This nifty little feature adds another layer of possibility when personalizing learning and assigning creative projects.

Audio Recording is now a standard part of all updates, assignment comments, submission comments, course material descriptions, and basically anywhere in the app where you can add an attachment.

Let's take a deeper look by creating an audio update.

Now anytime you post an update, you'll have the option to record audio. Here's how to do it:

  1. Choose a material type using the + in the upper right corner. For this example, I chose an Update Post.
  2. Select Attach in the bottom right corner
  3. Select Record Audio and then hit the big red REC button

So take this opportunity to explore what you can do with native audio recording like spoken poetry projects, sharing the wonderful sounds of the fall bird migration with your class, or assigning songwriting and singing as homework.

Attachment Download and Display Improvements

We've made improvements to the way that attachments download and display. This way, the files and resources you spend time gathering are more easily accessible and have the best possible impact on whomever you share them with.

Improved Support for iPhone 5s and iPad Air

We optimized our iOS mobile app for the iPhone 5s and iPad Air. Put simply, our app is faster than ever before.

Download Schoology iOS v3.1

If you haven't already, try out Schoology iOS v3.1. and feel free to let us know what you think, because your feedback only helps to make our platform better. You can comment below or reach us across the Twittersphere (@Schoology).

If you have any questions or need help, please contact our Support Team via our Support Center.

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