Going from Traditional to Digital Learning with Diana Cornejo-Sanchez

Metamorphosis | Going from Traditional to Digital Learning with Diana Cornejo-Sanchez
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Going from Traditional to Digital Learning with Diana Cornejo-Sanchez

Posted in Evolving Ed | September 21, 2017

Do you know what it takes to go from traditional to digital learning? This is the question Dr. Will Deyamport, District Instructional Technologist and host of the Dr. Will Show, explores with his guest Diana Cornejo-Sanchez, a Professional Learning Specialist for the University of San Diego's Mobile Technology Learning Center.



Diana explains that shifting to digital learning is "not necessarily about the shift to the digital environment and more about what is actually going to be done with the technology. How are students going to be utilizing it? What are students going to be creating with technology ... How are they going to expand their learning?"

"Teachers are definitely going to have to start designing lessons," she continues, "that allow for those opportunities for students to collaborate with one another, online and face to face, but then to also really utilize technology as a creation tool and not just to consume information."

This is a big point that can easily fall by the wayside because of the numerous other considerations teachers and admin have to consider when they're making this shift. Technology is too often considered the end, when really it's a means to an end.

In fact, a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that just making technology available to students in K-12 has a limited impact on student outcomes.

So what are some of the best practices for ensuring technology is used in the classroom in a meaningful way? And what are some of the most common roadblocks that can derail your efforts?

These are the topics Dr. Will and Diana discuss at length in the video above, so I guess you'll just have to watch it to find out.

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