Going to EDUCAUSE 2015? Join Us at Booth #2024!

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Going to EDUCAUSE 2015? Join Us at Booth #2024!

Posted in Schoology | October 23, 2015



From October 28–29, we'll be at EDUCAUSE 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana taking the world of higher education by storm. And we encourage anyone who'll be there to drop by booth #2024 to say hi.

We'll be there spreading the good news of Schoology and showing higher education professionals what connected learning really looks like. So come on down and meet our crew, because there's nothing that excites us more than hearing how you're transforming education on your campus.

Plus, we'll be handing out some cool shirts, stylus pens, and other cool swag.

More importantly, our booth #2024 will be the epicenter of great conversation. We'll be hosting talks throughout the conference to address some of higher education's most important topics.

Join Our In-Booth Discussion

S.M.A.C. (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud)—The New Data-Driven Paradigm of LMS Success

What is the S.M.A.C. stack and why is it turning the traditional understanding of the LMS on its head? Leave the feature list behind and join us as we explore the key factors that make a great LMS.

Wednesday at 1:30 pm


LMS 2.0—The Education Cloud

No Matter how you dress up a legacy LMS, it will always be a course management tool. But higher education deserves something more. See what's possible when all the people, content, and systems that fuel education are connected in a single digital environment that spans beyond the course, the campus, and the entire institution.

Wednesday at 4:45pm


Using the LMS to Drive Global Competency Skills

Trying to weave global competency skills into the college curriculum is no small feat. Come see how Schoology is not only making this process simpler, but also helping boost student engagement and institutional insight in the process. 

Thursday at 10:15 am


The Secret Sauce for Driving Student Engagement

Many LMSs label themselves "user-centric," but most of them don't even come close. Schoology is the only LMS built from the ground up to revolve around you, your courses, your content, and your connections. Come see how we put students at the center of their learning with a digital environment that's designed for them.

Thursday at 12:00 pm


The LMS Trifecta—Analytics, Mastery, and Learning Outcomes

Every LMS gives you data, but most stop there, leaving you on your own to make it useful. Come see how Schoology goes beyond the simple tracking of student performance against pre-loaded and custom learning objectives to help you individualize instruction, develop and execute retention strategies, and more.

Thursday at 1:00 pm


How a Mobile Minded LMS Can Transform Your Campus Culture

Each new generation of learners is increasingly mobile minded. They expect their LMS to support them and even increase their efficiency on the go. Dive into Schoology's mobile app to see why it's time to leave the world of single-function academic apps behind for true mobile efficiency and anytime, anywhere learning.

Thursday at 3:30 pm


So if you're going to EDUCAUSE, come by Booth #2024 to say hi, grab some swag, and join in the conversation. See you there!


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