Get to Know Your Community Manager: Jen Robustelli

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Get to Know Your Community Manager: Jen Robustelli

Posted in Schoology | June 18, 2013

Hello, Schoology Community!

We have someone that you might like to meet. Introducing Jen Robustelli—Schoology's new Community Manager! You'll see her here on the blog and all over the social media world, so take a moment and get to know her, because she is here for you.

Here's a few quick Jen facts:

  • She’s a native Mainer, and has lived in Brooklyn, NY since 2010.
  • Jen studied public policy with a concentration in law in college.
  • Before diving into the NYC tech scene, she gained a newfound respect for teachers as a nanny and tutor to elementary-aged children.

So without further ado, Jen Robustelli:

Hi! I'm Jen, Schoology's new Community Manager. This means I am a dedicated resource for our online and offline communities, and I will be constantly brainstorming new ways to serve and engage you, our incredible user community of students, educators, parents, and administrators.

I worked previously at an NYC software company and continue to help out in my spare time with NYTechWomen—a group that advocates for women in technology. So after seeing some of the incredible things you are doing with this platform, I am all the more convinced that technology has an important role to play in today's academics.

I consider much of my personal success to be rooted in the amazing teachers that I've had through the years, and some of my closest friends work in education, so I'm excited to work with you and the Schoology Team.

I hope to hear from as many of you as possible, so reach out to me via @Schoology, my personal account @jenastelli, or on Schoology.

You can learn a lot more about Jen in this interview or on her We Are NY Tech profile.

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