Get These Hot New iOS and Android Updates

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Get These Hot New iOS and Android Updates

Posted in Schoology | June 03, 2015

Warning: These updates just topped the Scoville Scale.

Summertime in the US is right around the corner. And even though this spring is dragging its feet on the way out, our latest mobile app updates will kick the heat up a few notches.

As you know, we're constantly working to make the Schoology app more feature rich, more streamlined, more ... well, you get the point. And today, we'd like to announce our iOS app v3.6 and our Android app v3.2.

iOS Updates for Version 3.6

Support for App Extensions

With iOS 8, Schoology now supports App Extensions, so you can pull content from other iOS apps that support this feature right into Schoology. Think of this as a streamlined version of the Open In function. It simply lets you share content between apps seamlessly—just like our Google Drive App.

Choose from other iOS apps, toggle their availability,
and reorder them for convenience.

This is, so far, the most effective way to utilize multiple apps at once, and the list of App Extensions supporters is only going to grow from here. That means you'll have more access to more tools as time goes on.

View Rich Text Updates and Discussion Comments

It's easy to spend as much time finding the right words for a Schoology update as you do formatting it. There's just so much to say and countless ways to say it.

Now all that hard work you put into each and every communication can be enjoyed by your students and colleagues using their iOS devices!

When viewing updates, discussion posts, and discussion comments via our iOS app, you'll now see all the bolditalics, underlines, and lists the author had intended.

Enhanced Grading with Point-Based Scales

When you are grading student submissions using point-based scales, you'll notice the scale looks more like a rubric than before. Point-based scales now have the grid-like structure shown below to make grading just a little bit simpler.

Override Rubric and Final Grades

You can now change your students' final grades and the total grades they receive on rubrics via your mobile device. This will no doubt make it easier to factor in extra credit, dock points for late submissions without muddying mastery data, and more. 

Grades that you override appear orange. Select "Clear Override" to go back to the original grade.

Export Annotated PDF

You can now export PDFs of your students' submissions along with any annotations you made. This gives you more flexibility in how you share feedback with your students.

View Page as Web Version

You now have the option to view the web version of a Schoology rich-text page. To do so, click the three little dots in the top right corner and select "View Web Version."

Android Updates for Version 3.2

Calendar Access

Need to check a due date? How about trying to remember when your next tutoring hours are? Now you can see all of that in your new Android mobile calendar!

This calendar enables you to view past, present, and upcoming events and due dates. You can also create personal, course, and group events on the fly.

Pro Tip: Want to see all the upcoming events regardless of month? Swipe to the left ... or use that dropdown menu in the upper left.

Log Out Button Relocation

We moved the log out button outside of the settings menu to give you at least one fewer click in your day. Every little bit helps!

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That's it for this round, but we always have more coming for both iOS and Android so get ready! Download the newest versions of our free app and let us know what you think by rating the apps, commenting below, or tweeting @Schoology.

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