Get Back in the Groove with this Back to School Webinar

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Get Back in the Groove with this Back to School Webinar

Posted in Pro Tips | August 18, 2014

Getting back into the groove of school can be a challenge. It always seems like there's more time to prepare than there really is, and even the simplest tasks can feel almost foreign. But today, we have just the thing to help you get back into your school-year groove! 

Below is a 30 minute webinar that will refresh your memory on Schoology best practices for course and content management. Afterwards, you'll no doubt be able to hit the ground running and use the platform better than ever. 

Time for Back to School

Time for Back to School from Schoology on Vimeo

Webinar Highlights and Topics

The following are topics featured in this webinar that you may be particularly interested in. The time next to each corresponds with where the topic is discussed in the video.

  • How to Start Your Year [1:49]
  • Building Courses Using Your Existing Content [3:26]
  • Save a Course (Materias) to Resources [6:13]
  • Reuse Your Schoology Materials [9:13]
  • Organize and Share Your Resources [12:49]
  • Random Quiz Questions [14:04]
  • Course Materials Enhancements [18:26]
  • New Product Updates Coming Soon [23:40]
  • View Questions [29:25]

Webinar Q&A

Below is a list of great questions we received during this webinar along with their answers: 

  • If a quiz can be taken multiple times, will the randomizer change the quiz each time a student takes it?
    Yes! Each time a student starts a test or quiz, they will be given a newly generated set of questions. Questions may repeat, but they will not show up in the same order. The more questions you have in your chosen question bank, the less likely it is that they repeat.
  • What doesn’t get copied from courses to resources?
    Comments and most anything around grading doesn’t get copied, including grades, due dates, grading scales, etc.
  • Is there an equation editor to make questions in the question bank?
    In the Rich Text Editor, Equations can be found under the Insert Content option.
  • How do I create Question Banks?
    Question Banks can ONLY be created in Resources. Once in Resources, select Add Resources and select Add Question Bank.
  • If you want to share materials, does that teacher have to be in your class or connected with you in Schoology in some way?
    You can share content directly with another teacher in a few ways:
    • Create a group and sharing content via group resources with all other group members.
    • Use the Sharing button in your Resources by 1) adding resources to a collection other than Home, 2) selecting Sharing, 3) choosing one or more teacher(s) connected with you.
    • Make the other teacher(s) an admin of your course.
       Beware that any and all course admin have full control over the course's content and settings.
    • Send resources as attachments via a Schoology message.
  • If we copy an assignment from last year, do we have to remove our former students' submitted work?
    No. All you are copying is the assignment, you are not copying your students' work. This is the same for all materials.
  • Can you import questions into a question bank?
    Not directly. The most efficient way is to create a test/quiz in a course. Then when you Add Questions, choose Import Test/Quiz. After the import is complete, you can click Options and Add Questions to Question Bank.
  • Will the Materials Index Redesign also change archived courses?
    No. You're archived courses will not be affected.

If you have any questions that were not addressed here, you can always find tons of video guides and help docs in our Support Center.

More Webinars Coming Your Way!

Be on the lookout for more webinars. We'll be posting them right here on the blog as resources that you can view at any time. Just use the blog category filter and choose "Webinar" to see the full list.

Also, we're interested in what you want to learn about. If you have an idea for one of our webinar topics, please email Lisa Rudge, our Director of Professional Development, at

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