Get AMP'ed: Jeremy Friedman Unveils Our Assessment Management Platform at NEXT 2016

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Get AMP'ed: Jeremy Friedman Unveils Our Assessment Management Platform at NEXT 2016

Posted in Schoology | August 10, 2016

Hold on to your hats, because Jeremy's about to AMP you up!

This year at NEXT, our annual user conference, our Co-founder and CEO Jeremy Friedman introduced attendees to our assessment management platform (otherwise known as AMP). As he got on stage and began to talk, it hit me. This is the moment.

Click here to watch our AMP Webinar for an in-depth walkthrough of our new assessment management platform.

I mean, yeah, we officially announced AMP at ISTE 2016, but this was our community. These are the people whose opinions matter most. And seeing as how we've been working on AMP for two years, I was on the edge of my seat wondering how this might go.

Breathe, Dylan. Breathe.

"AMP is starting to the pave the way towards personalization," Jeremy explained. "How it's doing that is it allows you to create assessments outside the context of a course. And so what you'll be able to do is build an assessment outside the context of a course. You'll be able to push it into multiple courses. You'll be able to make an update once and have that update push everywhere. And you'll be able to roll up all that information. You'll be able to see mastery and numerical results across courses, across an institution. You'll be able to enact change."

At this point, my imagination went wild with images of the crowd erupting with cheers and balloons falling from the rafters like some political convention. Instead, the crowd perked up and waited quietly for Jeremy to explain what this AMP thing is all about.

He began showing what our Product and Engineering team had meticulously built over the last two years, the thinking behind it all, and the impact we're starting to see in the real world. And even though my day dreams got a blunt reality check (that's life!), I was thrilled to see the response from our community on Twitter and in our AMP focused conference sessions.

Here's what some attendees had to say:


If this gets you excited and you want to learn more about AMP, check out our 35 minute webinar deep dive into the platform. In it, our Director of Educational Strategies Adam Larson shows how AMP transforms the learning experience for students, instructors, and administrators in detail.

Watch the Webinar

And while we're on the subject, we'll also be posting a great presentation by Amber Paynter, District Instructional Technology & Learning Coach for Cherry Creek Schools, CO. She'll share best practices for making tests and quizzes "DY-NO-MITE!" So stay tuned.


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