Find Schoology's Hidden Gems | November #SchoologyChat Recap

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Robert Schuetz

Technology Coordinator for Palatine High School, IL

Find Schoology's Hidden Gems | November #SchoologyChat Recap

Posted in Community | November 14, 2016

One way the vibrant Schoology community interacts and engages in professional learning is through social media. While there is a constant flow of information being shared across all social channels, we have a formal gathering on Twitter the first Tuesday of each month called #SchoologyChat.

This month, Schoology Ambassador Cristina Toflinski was our featured moderator. She suggested the topic “Schoology’s Hidden Gems.” This was a timely and beneficial subject as educators, several weeks into a new school year, traded tips and resources highlighting lesser-known riches found within several of Schoology’s favorite features. Newer users shared discoveries and recent victories, while more experienced users shared their insights and time-tested strategies.

One theme that bubbled to the surface of this month’s conversation was the appreciation for being able to embed digital media, such as slides, web apps, and videos, into all of the offerings located within Schoology’s materials area. Recent research suggests greater LMS impact when there are opportunities for creativity and interaction within digital learning spaces. As you can see from the following examples, no one left empty-handed. That’s the rare beauty of #SchoologyChat—there’s something for everyone!

I hope you glean valuable insights from the conversation below, as it is the first of many #SchoologyChat recaps to come. If you do, mark your calendar for the first Tuesday of each month and join in the conversation.

Q1: What feature within assignments has been integral to your digital classroom?



Q2: What unique ways have you used the classroom “updates” feature?



Q3: Pages—we have them and they can be a great tool. How are you best utilizing them?



Q4: Tests & Quizzes—what features are you using & how have they been most helpful in assisting your students?



Q5: The Gradebook—What gradebook feature is most helpful to you?



Q6: What hidden #Schoology gem have we not discussed tonight that you would like to share?





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