Featured Webinar: Grade and Annotate on the iPad Like a Champ

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Featured Webinar: Grade and Annotate on the iPad Like a Champ

Posted in Pro Tips | November 10, 2014

We released the Schoology iOS app v3.3 with mobile annotations and an improved grading workflow in early October. Many of you have no doubt jumped right into the deep end, grading and annotating student work in the Schoology app like never before, while others are still figuring out their personal workflow.

No matter how well you know your way around the in-app grading panel, there are sure to be some nuanced practices that can make your workflow even more efficient. Who better to provide an in-depth webinar on the new mobile features than Schoology's very own Mobile Product Manager, Vickram Jain.

Grading and Annotating Student Work on Schoology's iOS App


Grading Annotating Student Work on Schoology's iOS App from Schoology.


Webinar Highlights and Topics

The following are topics featured in this webinar that you may be particularly interested in. Next to each is a time stamp corresponding with where in the video the topic is discussed.

  • Introduction to Our Mobile Strategy and Workflow [3:23]
  • Create Assignments from the Home Page [7:15]
  • Reviewing Submissions with the New Grading Panel [9:45]
  • Annotating Student Work [18:33]
  • Deleting Annotations and Adding Comments [24:03]
  • Grading Student Submissions [28:36]
  • Important Notes about Grading on the iOS App [33:40]
  • A Look Ahead: iOS App Roadmap [34:56]
  • Dive Into the Student View [37:25]
  • How Students can Record Audio/Video as an Assignment [41:03]

Webinar Q&A

Below is a list of questions we received during this webinar along with their answers:

  • Do students or teachers have to convert a document to upload it into Schoology?
    No. Schoology automatically takes care of any converting. Keep in mind it could take a few minutes for the conversion to take place, so if a student uploads something it may not be available instantly.
  • Are your engineers working to make it easier to manage ungraded assignments on the iOS app like in the web interface?
    Yes. Our mobile team is working to address this need in an upcoming release.
  • What if students can’t see the annotations? 
    Chances are they have not updated their Schoology app to the latest version. If they are using the latest version and still can't see annotations, please reach out to our Support Team.
  • Who can delete annotations, teachers, students, or both? 
    Only the teacher can delete annotations. They can do this by selecting a specific annotation and choosing the trash can icon that appears. See this Help Center article for more details.
  • Can students annotate their own work in Schoology? 
    Not at this time. The annotation tools are only available to teachers. Students can only view Schoology annotations; however, they can utilize third-party annotation apps (Adobe Reader, Notability, etc.) in a cohesive workflow. For step-by-step information on this, please see this Help Center article.

If you have any questions that were not addressed here, you can always find tons of video guides and help docs in our Support Center.

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